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I love Amazon. I own all Apple devices except for a 3rd gen Kindle, but Amazon is one of the few competitors that are pushing Apple to add new features to their products to maintain their target audience and we all end up benefitting. I honestly believe iBooks would never have evolved without Amazon, and I fully expect screen sharing tech support to take off and show up in next year's iDevices. No need to reserve store space for training when virtual tech support and...
Trading in the phone is the deal breaker. Pay $10/month and lose your phone to keep upgrading, or wait two years and keep/resell your phone and save $240. This reminds me of the terrible lease deals you see on some cars. I bet you have to keep extending your two year contract each time.
This update does not solve the other major missing features: -YouTube app does not buffer the video, and thus requires a good constant connection -The maximum quality is automatically selected, with no ability to choose what quality to play. Both of these features are available in the Safari iOS web app for youtube, and make playing videos on a poor cellular connection actually possible. I'll stick to the web app until they port over the features.
I was thinking about buying an aTV a couple months ago, but the lack of Amazon Instant Video support as well as Amazon not having a license to stream from an iOS device made me decide against it.
Embark, as pictured, is free. I haven't tested it yet, but I think it will work independently of Navigon.
  This, I believe, is much more a result of the market finally being ready for him then his best work. Apple computers were a fantastic consumer level breakthrough (particularly in ease of use and intuitiveness) compared to what existed beforehand, but the world just wasn't ready yet.
How useful would Apple Insider be if it posted articles but never sourced the information or provided links?   Please think before you post.
My bet is that they are all preloaded and updated with each software/OS update, so that the ads can still play continuously without an Internet connection.
It would be ironic if an ad was displayed for a discount on an iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: