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You are all funny. Apple Retail has these meetings once a quarter; every retail store, every retail employee. There is nothing new or odd about this. They go over recent sales numbers and get everyone revved up for the next quarter (or, in this case, the summer "back-to-school" season).
Hmmm, but is this banner worthy? Doesn't seem that impactful.
It's one of those mechanical, rolling paper signs - like at the mall - not the video screen iPhone mock-ups at the Apple Stores. Looks like it got caught mid-scroll.
So, it looks like scrolling can be restricted (360 degrees being the same as the corded version, now there must also be vertical only or horizontal only selections). Plus Zooming is now an option. Cool!
Wow, the pics! AND the user manual! This is the biggest, most glaring leak we've seen in a long time out of Apple.
As for two optical bays to eject - for some reason i thought it was an Option-Eject to open the other drawer. Just my two cents. But I expect a little drama - so the case probably gets a bit more of a change than has been shown here.
Well, this is just another reason to NOT to upgrade from 6.5. And I'm a G5 user, so the Universal Binary doesn't matter - but still, I will wait for the inevitable version 7.1 - UB or not.
No one has mentioned the transition back and forth from mouse to track-pad. Typically, with a two button mouse, you build up a movement habit of using your pointer for the "normal" left click and your middle finger for the the less-common right click. This relates to the way many of us use these fingers (although this certainly can be argued): the pointer gets used a lot more for different things than the middle finger. When we move to a track-pad and it's single button...
Without seeing one of these in person, I can only guess that the speakers are in the same poition as on previous iBooks: they aim out the BACK of the case, but with the screen opened, the sound is reflected forward. Has anyone seen these in person and can verify?
As usual, with Apple, expect the unexpected.
New Posts  All Forums: