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I'm encountering the same issue on the Macbook Pro w/ Retina.
Yes it ships with a magsafe-magsafe 2 adapter.   And if I had external USB speakers I think that may be a work-around.   As it stands, this is what the sound panel looks like: http://grab.by/eNnO     For some reason it considers the TB Display's speakers USB too.
I'm suffering from the problem described (here and here and here) whereby the audio coming out of the 27" thunderbolt display starts to degrade into pure static within minutes to hours of usage.  Toggling the output back to my MacBook Pro w/ Retina seems to fix the issue temporarily but obviously this is not a good solution.   So is there anyone out there using the speakers on the thunderbolt display and not encountering this issue?   Any other thoughts or advice?
So I've been putting-off upgrading my system for waaay too long now (considering I am somewhat of a 'power user') and I would love to hear any advice you may have on my situation. I'm basically stuck between the new 17" MBP or a Mac Pro tower (zero clue which one to pick so any config suggestions would be really awesome too!). The following is a brief summary of my typical usage: - I have a 100/100 fiberoptic internet connection so I tend to transfer a lot of large...
So I just got my MobileMe Mail Beta invite today. Tried to login for the first time, and my inbox wouldn't load, I'm stuck with this screen: (Screen Grab). I tried a few different browsers and my second computer, but nothing seems to help. To add insult to injury, I can't revert back to the original webmail format. In order to revert, we're supposed to click on the gear icon. Unfortunately when I mouse-over that icon, it disappears and is unclickable. Apple...
Subsequent to upgrading to Leopard I recently decided to get rid of my windows partition. I used Leopard's bootcamp manager to do just that. However, for some reason whenever the computer restarts it still looks for a windows partition as the primary drive to boot-up. I previously had it set to boot windows unless I held the Option Key, but now it still tries to do that unless I hold the key. So there is no more windows partition, the start-up disk preference pane only...
Mr. Me: If I signed an NDA, surely I wouldn't be in a position to confirm or deny the fact that I performed such an action?
Outsider: Thats a helpful list, thanks!
favorite apps right now: mailplane, unison, acrobat, Word 2008, Fetch.
Does anyone know what level of compatibility can be expected from the new OS X in terms of 10.4 software? Should the majority of the 10.4 software be expected to work out of the box? Does 10.5 do anything drastically different that will cause problems with all the programs I know and love? I assume there will definitely be the odd program that doesn't work perfectly at first, but by in large, what is to be expected?
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