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don't waste your time with your ISP, they won't carry any good binary groups. Goto www.easynews.com and try them out. They have an web interface so you can download through your browser, they also provide a super-powerful searh engine that you can use to find whatever you need.
Can anybody recommend a tried and tested solution for document scanning under OSX? Duplex scanning and automatic paper feeding are a necessity, ethernet connectivity preferred over USB/FireWire (which are ok too i guess). The aim is to digitize an archive of a few hundred documents (mostly multi-page and double-sided photocopies of articles from scientific journals). I'm willing to purchase a simple document-management software separately if necessary. Please report actual...
wow thats so helpful, thank you all very much!
I would like to use filevault to encrypt a handful of business documents and files worth no more than 20 megs. When I try to turn it on, it tells me that it needs 4000 gigs free to do the process. How can I fix this so that my 20 megs of files are securely stored with Filevault? Or alternatively, what other utility can do the same trick?
lundy: Wow, thats so cool, thank you very much!
Top right of the screen, near the time display & spotlight button, I managed to get an annoying little 'eject' icon permaset to my account. I can't for the life of me find where I need to click in system preferences to make it go away. Sorry to bug you all with such a trivial matter but am at my wit's end trying to make it disapear?!
Thus far I've tried two types of purple dvd-rs, some dvds from blockbuster and the the 10.35 install disk
My first-gen iMac G5 has developed a very odd sense of taste. It won't eat dvds or dvd-rs, it looks at them for a while, makes a bunch of noise and violently spits them out. CDs work just fine. At this point my primary concern is figuring out whether there is any chance this is a software issue or if its likely the drive?!
I forget my passwords often enough without firefox having to forget them too! In fact for the last little while Firefox will not remember any user/pass info despite my selecting "remember this password" every time! I have tried updating versions a few times but to no avail. Perhaps someone who understands the OS X filesystem & permisions setup better than me can help find this bug. thnx. - B. B.
The Audi A4 does not yet have bluetooth, they will start rolling out the bluetooth enabled models sometime between july and september of this year. Even if you buy a new 2006 A4 it will not have bluetooth.
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