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I've found two other important programs (important to me) that won't run at all.
THIS JUST IN...I'm not crazy! "Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2005 4:48 pm Post subject: vlc crash in tiger when going from full screen to normal \t Using Tiger, the help menu fix was really great to get the other grayed out menus back. However, I now have problem of vlc crashing whenever I go from full screen view back to windowed view. When I first open a movie and view full screen, it is fine. When I go from full screen back to a windowed view, it goes back, the top...
Perhaps I'll try your version, thanks.
hmurchison: VLC is open-source freeware, hence its reasonable that the developers simply couldn't afford the expensive license to get early builds of Tiger, no? I've played around with it more and VLC crashes with a good deal of regularity on various filetypes, though if you're lucky it can play straight through some files.
Well I happen to use VLC ten times more often than MS Word, or Adobe CS, but thats just me. Do you imagine these problems are relitively minor and require simple updates or will they need to be re-written ala os 9 to os X conversion?
I've heard from a bunch of people with access to the 10.4 GM that many Panther apps are not compatible with Tiger. Some programs mention that Apple Script is not up to date, others like VLC apparently just crash a lot. I was planning to upgrade to Tiger as soon as it comes out in stores but if its not compatible with major apps like VLC then I'd be much less inclined...so are there logical reasons why Tiger doesn't play well with some Panther Apps?
Is it possible to 'mount' an SDRAM chip (i think thats what they're called, the standard interchangable memory chips that most digicams and more recently PDAs use) so that I can use data recovery software to get back some pics someone accidently deleted? I've found software that claims to work with digital cams but when I run it the program will only look at mounted drives. In case it matters, my digicam is a 'Canon Powershot SD300'
software..please, software! No taping, cutting or silicone adhesives on my baby please!?! Surely there is something one could do in Terminal to fix this?
I love my gmail status software which tells me whats going on on my google mail account, it just occured to me there is no particular reason that a similar program wouldn't exist for Yahoo (os x, duh)...anyone able to help?
any ideas on how to solve this problem with software?!?
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