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Problem with turning computer off: I often have background processes working on downloads or what have you (so 'puter may not even be asleep, just have the monitor off) ipodandimac: I'm pretty sure your suggestion would restart the machine.
Pleaaaase, I haven't been able to sleep for many days now...its the light, the damn flashy 'sleep' light on the front of the imac. See http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=98006 for more frustrated insomniacs. ?!?
After being out of box for a few hours, my Ipod seemed to want the night off...refused to turn on (hold switch was non-issue, power was non-issue as we tried plugging it in to multiple sources). None of the reset techniques seemed to do anything. This morning, tried the reset again and the machine woke up and behaved properly...should I be concerned?
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Ok if I hit Command Zero, the whole screen is taken up by the DVDPlayer App, but the movie is not occupying corner to corner, instead there are large black borders on all four sides. If this was an mpg it would make more sense, but because this is a widescreen dvd to begin with, I am confused.
I'm sure there is something really simple I'm not doing but I would love to know how to make use of the widescreen display to play a dvd using the entire screen. For some reason putting DVDplayer in fullscreen mode does not seem to do the trick. Thanks.
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