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I don't get where the negativity is coming from.  The app is nowhere near perfect but it is far better than the slow, clunky iPhoto. There is always resistance to change.  Some of the change has been for the better, some not, but I like this new app.   I like being able to have the same photo library on all my devices.  It's like iTunes Match for photos & I like it in that regard. What needs serious tweaking is the organization options for the actual photos themselves....
I recently (Finally!) purchased a new MacBook Pro but I still have & adore the 17-inch MacBook Pro that was my workhorse the past 5+ years.  I really like the new one but would have preferred buying another 17-inch model except they don't make it any more so I got the 15. :(
This kind of makes me wonder what's going to happen to iTunes. I didn't see an iTunes icon in the Yosemite video shown at WWDC.  The icon I saw was the same style as the music app from iOS.  Maybe this discontinuation of iPhoto and Aperture is part of a larger continuity strategy by Apple.  Will there be a movies app for OS X?  Just like there is on iOS?  It doesn't make sense to tell someone to rent or buy a movie in the app they use to listen to their tunes, does it?...
So....let met get this straight:  Apple has best ever financial quarter and investors are disappointed?  This doesn't make a lick of sense!
How about a space gray on the MacBook Pro?
I don't think USB 3.1 will ship on anything until 2014.
Not really. The 17 inch MacBook Pro is something that I've been toting around for the last 4 1/2 years without a problem. The problem is when Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro 15 inch that has a resolution far greater than the 17 inch ever had & is going to cost more to make than the 17 inch, how do you still justify selling the 17 inch?
Dave,   I agree with TenThousandThings about the whole quoting everything.  Holy crap, it's tedious.  That said....I read it all & agree 100% with everything you just wrote haha!
  Agree 100%.  Even that somewhat minor detail would have a major impact. Imagine a 14-inch MacBook Air in the same footprint as the current 13 with a thinner bezel?  HOT.
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