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Am I the only one that sees the new MacBook Pro 13 as a fantastic machine? I agree that everything is slowly going towards the Air styling but still... Could Apple have ripped out the optical & made way for better graphics? Maybe. But I think the 13's the dark horse in the line-up right now. There seems to be some teething issues with the 15- and 17-inch models by way of some reported hard freezes but I'm sure the Apple wizards back in Cupertino will work out those...
I would love to see this. Are there any panel manufacturers sampling these types of panels? Anyone know? I'm assuming a new panel will be 16:9.
I bet they had this same argument inside the halls & board rooms at Apple, whether or not to have Face Time within iChat. Since there is no audio-only or no typing with Face Time, it makes it different; exclusive of its own app. iChat is a great app. But it does need many enhancements. Adding MSN would be great. A lot of the enhancements made by Chax should be built-in to iChat. This includes the log viewer, activity viewer, auto-accept features, and the plug-in's...
The previous MacBook Pro design was 5-years-old before it was phased out for the new aluminum unibody construction. Obviously I don't expect Apple to wait THAT long. But I do think we can see this current design last another revision.
The plot thickens.
Hell even the iTunes icon in the dock is the old icon.
Fake. That's just a MacBook Air Photoshopped black & has the 10.5 Leopard desktop picture.
I'm thinking that sometime next week invites will go out to the media for an Apple Special Event around the 1st of March. I'd say the company will give a progress report on: Apple business including iPhone for Verizon Mac App Store iWork '11 Holiday sales on MacBooks — specifically highlighting Air New MacBook Pros that incorporate some of the Air's design elements Thoughts?
It's really stunning that AppleInsider doesn't seem to have its Apple insider sources any more. Everything seems like guess work and regurgitation of analysts' reports, like the shit Shaw Wu comes up with. I remember reading about specific details on unreleased hardware & was like whoa this site has the edge. But that seems non-existent now...
Again, source of this information?
New Posts  All Forums: