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It's really stunning that AppleInsider doesn't seem to have its Apple insider sources any more. Everything seems like guess work and regurgitation of analysts' reports, like the shit Shaw Wu comes up with. I remember reading about specific details on unreleased hardware & was like whoa this site has the edge. But that seems non-existent now...
Again, source of this information?
Where are you getting that statistic?
You'd think Apple would be investing some money into acquiring anti-reflective glass at this point. Most people don't even notice the glare or care, but still...
And it should cease to be that way!
I've found that Sony computers are complete shit. Utter garbage.
I think the next media event maybe for new MacBook Pros. That is*— if there is anything major there to announce. Otherwise, the iPad update slash media event may well wait until April just before its release date.
You're right there. I'm sorry I said $1,000...I was thinking that the total cost of a system should be offered starting at $1,000 less. I bought my Power Mac G4 933MHz system and Apple display at the time for under $2,300. I can't even get the tower at this point for that. So I'm struggling to understand how Apple's current line-up is better & more affordable.
I like the iMac, but I'd prefer a tower and display. And enough with this Hackintosh crap.
I guess where the rubber meets the road for me is that a pro desktop Mac used to be way more affordable. Now it isn't.
New Posts  All Forums: