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Does anyone care about this overpriced Mac any more? It has kept the same overall design since the Power Mac G5. I'd buy it & a cinema display but the price would set me back $3,500. How about something a little more reasonable, Apple?!
Here's my survey... How about making the product less bloated?
Oh, and I do think that Apple will begin transitioning over to 16:9 displays in the MacBook Pro line.
We have not heard a word about this from any one. It's all just a guess. In the past, AI or MacRumors, or 9 to 5 Mac, or even Gruber would have some tidbit of info on a redesign. But nothing. So that inclines me to think that it's just going to be the Sandy Bridge update with perhaps the flash storage from the Air.
I think Apple needs to drop the 13" line from the low-end. If you want a professional 13", that's fine. But the fact of the matter is $999 for a 13" screen sucks. Everyone else is selling entry level computers with 15" screens for less money. Most people I talk to don't need the speed of a 15" MacBook Pro they just want a larger screen.
I wish I could click a "Like" button on your post. I guess this will have to do.
Dave, I don't think it will be too long. Apple doesn't usually wait a year between MacBook Pro updates. The average is 9 months. And we're there right now. I think we'll see new models of the MacBook Pro no later than mid-February.
No way. Soon would be my guess...
I remember seeing a video from an Apple WWDC four or so years ago where they wanted the developers to work on having their apps resolution independent by the Spring of 2008. Here we are in 2011 & yet still no widespread RI. I bought my parents a 17" MacBook Pro because mom wanted a big screen & the first thing she complained about was how dad thought everything was too small on the screen.
An all-out blitz on new hardware is always welcome! I remember the 2003 Macworld. I remember Steve saying something to the effect that I asked you to buckle up before, now I need you to put on your shoulder harness. Those were good times.
New Posts  All Forums: