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Very good point!
Apple hasn't made it clear, but they are trending that way...given that the only pro desktop display that they sell has recently gone 16:9.
I just noticed that Apple's only professional desktop display is now 16:9. The iMacs are 16:9. The notebooks have to be next. Apple hasn't updated the MacBook Air in forever, and the MacBook Pro is due for a refresh soon. I'm thinking this time around they will get the 16:9 treatment, especially in light of the fact that the LED Cinema Display has been geared towards MacBook Pro users. It's going to become more costly to stay 16:10.
It would be nice if the rez on the 13.3" got bumped while also getting an anti-glare option. The only thing I see holding Apple back from doing either is their eventual switch to 16:9 displays over the current 16:10 displays.
I see USB 3 coming on future Macs, but not a faster FireWire. I think FireWire will be left alone, then ultimately phased out for LightPeak. Although if LightPeak turns out to be a dud like MiniDisplay port, everyone will be using USB 3.0 anyway.
Interesting rumors. I definitely think the iPod Touch needs a camera. I see that happening. As for the MacBook Air becoming smaller, thinner, and lighter? Hmmm not so sure about that! I can see adding a better processor, adding the glass trackpad, perhaps switching the display to a 16:9 ratio, but that's about it.
I don't see apple doing a major overhaul here. Other than the obvious processor, hard drive, & graphics updates, i see them at best moving to a 16:9 display and multitouch trackpad. But that's about it.
I would say core i5 in the next go around. But suffice it to say I think the MacBook pro models out now will be with us until October.
The MacBook pro will not ne updated this summer.
What's the over/under on Apple changing the screen ratio on the MBP to 16:9?
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