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My money is on Friday, August 26th
Here's what we know: The next generation MacBook Pro is going to use Intel's Sandy Bridge with the new Core i5 and Core i7 processors. And most likely ATI graphics from AMD. Apart from that, will the MacBook Pro lose the optical drive? Maybe. Will it have the same flash storage that the MacBook Air just started using? Maybe. Will Apple switch the displays from 16:10 to 16:9 panels? Maybe. Will Apple offer a 3D display? Well, that's a definite...
Mac OS X needs a lot more to make it upgrade worthy. What they showed off so far looks so minor it could just as well be released through Software Update.And when it comes to the implications of Lion on new hardware, I don't think we've seen really anything in Lion that has even remotely implied anything that we don't already know.
Is the Pope Catholic?Linky
Dave you're such a pessimist haha.
No, I'd say Lion will hit the streets in late August, like the 26th.
I think Apple's probably lining up for a feature-complete beta release of Lion for the Worldwide Developer's Conference in the spring. This will give developers a few months to make changes or tweaks in their apps to take advantage of any new APIs or features in Lion, before it goes on sale & becomes available later in the summer.
The new version of the MacBook Pro will definitely support Lion. The Lion demos were all done on currently shipping hardware. It didn't appear that there were any earth-shattering new features that require additional horsepower than what's currently shipping. Apple may have something else up their sleeve, as they sometimes do, but thus far, it doesn't look as though Lion is going to increase hardware requirements.
OK, when you get the spinning pinwheel of death in Safari, try switching to another app, like Finder, using the keyboard (Command + Tab). Then try force quitting. I had this problem too & it was an issue with Flash. I use the Flash uninstaller, then reinstalled the latest version and everything has been OK since.
Very good point!
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