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Tailpipe,   The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is a starting point.  Apple couldn't just simultaneously cut the cord with existing MacBook Pro models.  The new retina model is a radical departure.  The world will need to catch up: getting rid of optical media and preparing apps for retina screens.  Some of the tech that makes the new model possible is expensive right now — solid state storage cost more $$$ than hard drives and surely that new display isn't cheap....
Wow.  That's really quite pathetic!
  I'm perplexed by this. Care to explain further (other than a review)?     The technology luddite that sees Airplay mirroring in action asks why the iPad doesn't go widescreen on their TV.  You start to explain aspect ratios & their eyes glaze over.  On the computer side, Mountain Lion is bringing the Airplay Mirroring to the Mac.  The only Macs that haven't gone 16:9 are the 13" MacBook Air & the MacBook Pro line.  In the case of the MacBook Pro, a re-design is...
OoOoOo the mysterious black box.  Sounds like Apple's running area 51.  Where are the Men in Black?  Oh wait, it's not men — it's a black box.
I should add that I remember it started shipping in late February & I didn't get it until sometime in March. I believe this was at Apple's last Macworld.
  I remember ordering the 17" MacBook Pro I'm typing this reply on in January '09.  I didn't get it until like March.
With the Worldwide Developer's Conference less than a month away, let's start the ball rolling on what maybe announced at the keynote on Monday, June 11th at 1:00 PM in San Fran.   Tim will start by noting how quickly tickets sold out, summarizing Apple's strong business, and the rise of both iOS and Mac compared to the rest of the market.  Transitions to iOS 6. Scott dives into new iOS 6 features.  I wonder what new features Apple has in store?  I heard that...
If the benchmark is from an actual pre-production next generation MacBook Pro it quashes the notion that Apple is merging its notebook lines.
Perhaps something is in fact happening with the Mac Pros.  Just logged into the Apple Store for Education Institutions where I buy computers for my school & it shows a 1-2 week wait time on the top end Mac Pro.  But oddly enough, when you click on it to configure it says "2-4 days."  In the past when I've seen it jump from 1-2 weeks or longer, it's a sign that updates are coming.  But all of the models need to say this (1-2 weeks).  
  Well maybe there's hope that Mac Pro updates will happen very soon!
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