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With the Worldwide Developer's Conference less than a month away, let's start the ball rolling on what maybe announced at the keynote on Monday, June 11th at 1:00 PM in San Fran.   Tim will start by noting how quickly tickets sold out, summarizing Apple's strong business, and the rise of both iOS and Mac compared to the rest of the market.  Transitions to iOS 6. Scott dives into new iOS 6 features.  I wonder what new features Apple has in store?  I heard that...
If the benchmark is from an actual pre-production next generation MacBook Pro it quashes the notion that Apple is merging its notebook lines.
Perhaps something is in fact happening with the Mac Pros.  Just logged into the Apple Store for Education Institutions where I buy computers for my school & it shows a 1-2 week wait time on the top end Mac Pro.  But oddly enough, when you click on it to configure it says "2-4 days."  In the past when I've seen it jump from 1-2 weeks or longer, it's a sign that updates are coming.  But all of the models need to say this (1-2 weeks).  
  Well maybe there's hope that Mac Pro updates will happen very soon!
  1. The Mac Pro needs Thunderbolt & an overhaul.  It just needs to come out.  This is probably the most ridiculous.   2.  R.I. already exists in Lion but I read it may be improving in Mountain Lion.   3.  Why should Apple wait?  Seems silly to me!   4.  Mountain Lion is a late summer release.  That could be September.  Would Apple let its hardware lines languish for Mountain Lion.  Again seems silly to me!
I'm starting to grow weary, forgive me.  It seems like things are taking a really long time.
I'm not too concerned with the iOS products.  They're OK, and they've got an obvious trend.  The Mac stuff on the other hand...  I understand that some components aren't shipping in volume but geez, that Mac Pro offering is very stale and I believe those parts are available now, yes?
I agree that All My Files makes no sense.  And well from my experience it's confusing to a lot of people.   I think Lion is getting better with the point updates.  But Mountain Lion is what Lion should have been in the first place.
Where are the invites to special events?  It's May.  Does it strike anyone else as odd that Apple has only made one major announcement this year?  Why would Apple wait to make all of its major hardware announcements at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11th?  I would think they'd focus solely on OS X & iOS there.  In the past Apple sprinkled its product announcements throughout the year, whether it was MacBook Pro or iMac or iPhone.  Thus far in 2012 we only...
Aside from Apple nixing the optical drive, next on the chopping block would be Firewire 800.  I would much rather have gigabit Ethernet & Thunderbolt if compromising over space is an issue.
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