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Apple Remote Desktop needs to be completely rewritten.  It's been a useful app, but it needs a lot of work.  It crashes a lot and corrupts lists.
Apple with its riches, should buy AIM.  Heck, they wouldn't even need to change the acronym!  But that's not why they should buy it.  The multi-person video conferencing still can't be beaten, and when you have a really good Internet connection, the quality is incredible.  The file sharing aspect is killer.  I would hate to see it go away!
I don't know how anyone here can say Apple will discontinue a product based on how many they sell when we don't know how many they sell because Apple doesn't share the sales figures between the models.
    My thoughts exactly, Dave.
Anyone for a May 1st event?
Back during the PowerPC days it was always a crap shoot trying to figure out when Apple was going to come out with new stuff.  Freescale, IBM, or Motorola seemed to always over promise & under deliver.  Or maybe A.I. would over promise ;)  But since the switch to Intel processors, it's pretty easy.  It's kind of predictable.  And this has made it a little less exciting to some extent!
No G5!
I think what's lacking in this discussion is marketing.Remember the 4 boxes that Steve introduced to us? One side had a pro desktop & pro notebook, and the other side had a consumer desktop & consumer notebook. That was Apple's product strategy. Has this product strategy changed?It became clear last year that Apple was making real headway with the MacBook Air in its consumer segment. So what happened to the Macbook which was geared to consumers? It went away.Now one...
You didn't teach me anything :P I started a thread well over a year ago on the Mac Pro is Dead, and you know what? It still hasn't been updated. The Mac Pro hasn't seen an update since July 27, 2010. I can think like Apple. It helps with the perspective I get from the young whipper snappers that post here. For the most part, Apple pivots — they don't jump. If you take a look at the hardware design moves that Apple has made in the last 7 years, you can see how...
You're inferring that I said that Apple will not redesign the MacBook Pro. I never said such a thing. In fact on the last page I said:This is what I believe Apple intends on doing. It fits their pattern. I've been on here a long time. I have read a lot of the hyperbole & over-the-top wishful thinking that goes on here. I've learned to temper my enthusiasm from what people here wish Apple should do with what Apple actually does."Beyond the rumor sites, way beyond." How...
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