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You're inferring that I said that Apple will not redesign the MacBook Pro. I never said such a thing. In fact on the last page I said:This is what I believe Apple intends on doing. It fits their pattern. I've been on here a long time. I have read a lot of the hyperbole & over-the-top wishful thinking that goes on here. I've learned to temper my enthusiasm from what people here wish Apple should do with what Apple actually does."Beyond the rumor sites, way beyond." How...
Probably, but Apple will still differentiate their notebooks with a MacBook Air line & a MacBook Pro line.
I never said that.
There is no way Apple is doing that. They will have 2 separate & distinct lines. MacBook Air for the thin & light crowd, and MacBook Pro for the industrious computer user that needs a beefier, speedier processor with discreet graphics.
The MacBook Air & MacBook Pro names aren't going anywhere. There will be an 11-, 13-, and 15-inch MacBook Air. And there will be a 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro. The differentiating features between the two lines will be as is it now: Thin & light — Air; Power (no pun intended)*—*Pro. It's clear the optical drive is a goner in the next MacBook Pro. This probably allows Apple to move the hard drive (still a hard drive or 2.5-inch SSD, no blade SSDs like the Air yet) to...
I'm kind of in the same boat. I bought my unibody 17-incher just about 3 years ago. I've swapped out the hard drive for an OWC Mercury SSD so the speed boost has been holding me at bay. If Apple were to release a 17" Air I'd give it strong consideration. I've thought of downsizing to a 15" display but the thing that keeps me in the 17" camp is, well the screen size, & such great speakers! I don't know if they could put the same awesome speakers in a 17" Air?
It looks like I'm already off. 10.8 not only discussed, but previewed, beta, and out this summer! Whoa, nelly! Is 2012 going to blow us away?
The Mac Pro is definitely needed. My biggest gripe with the Mac Pro is that it's too damn expensive. I remember buying a Power Mac G4 back in the day for $1,599. I can't do that now. The entry price on the Mac Pro is $900 more. And it's a monster. I knew that they needed an enclosure that big for the red hot PowerPC G5 chips, however, it's 2012 now & I think Apple can dispense with this relic design in favor of something a little more svelte. Besides why does Apple...
Apple claims to have to learned from designing the original MacBook Air that inspired them to make the MacBook Pro out of the same aluminum unibody enclosure method.
No, that would be ridiculous! As far as the thinness goes, I don't know how they could make it all that much thinner. With the chatter over the tapered design of the Air, I'd sacrifice that for replacing the space occupied by the ODD with more battery. Longer battery life would be great.
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