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The new version of the MacBook Pro must have Ethernet built in. Carrying around dongles sucks. I have the mini display port to VGA dongle & that's enough dongle-toting. Adapters are ridiculous. Thankfully more & more companies are using the mini display port connection so hopefully projector makers and TV makers will start putting it on the TVs eliminating the need for that dongle.
The Mac mini is a great computer. I was using it as a server before Apple sold a server version. I would consider it a desktop. I have a mixture of Mac & PC desktops at my job. I can't recall ever having the desktops of either platform upgraded except the RAM. So the mini would be a great replacement in a lot of instances. The only drawback to the mini is that it doesn't have a security lock on it so it becomes a very theftable computer. It's far easier to steal...
Just because Apple took 6 years to change the PowerBook G4/MacBook Pro enclosure, doesn't mean they'll wait that long for the iMac. I could point to the MacBook Air, which they released in January 2008, and revamped with an entirely new enclosure in late 2010. Apple made great strides in serviceability with the MacBook Pro unibody enclosure. I don't know if that will happen with the next iteration of the iMac. It would only be a good thing if it was easier, simpler. ...
And I think the MacBook Pro's redesign will bring about 16:9 displays across the line. Apple seems to be standardizing on this screen size.
Nah. While the iMac is still awesome, the design has been out for awhile. I expect Apple to alter it in someway. Its design is older than the MacBook Pro. I expect it to be a little bit thinner & ever sleeker. I suppose whatever design they apply to it will be similarly reflected in the upcoming redesign of the MacBook Pro.
I think it's fair to say that outside of the Mac mini, every piece of Apple hardware will receive a moderate or dramatic hardware re-design in 2012.
Apple TV 3 — A6, apps, bluetooth keyboard, Safari, 1080P output Not sure about the Apple TV set 802.11ac Airport & Time Capsules or maybe just Time Machine? Update Express to 802.11ac. New Mac Pro tower form factor — Will it include optical drive? Will is use flash storage like the Air? New MacBook Pro design with 16:9 display ratio & possible Retina option Revamped iMac — Like Mac Pro will it jettison optical drive? Will it use flash storage like the...
I've seen a few posts saying that the 17" MacBook Pro isn't that popular. Is that an assumption or is that based on Apple's sales figures?
Once you've used an SSD you don't ever want to go back to HDD.
That's what I initially thought too. It just struck me that it might be this because of the rumors that it's in the late stages.If anyone doubts that the optical drive is gone from the next MacBook Pro, go back to Saturn. I received a new 17" MacBook Pro yesterday (at work) — it had shipped directly from assembly in China — and there were NO optical restore discs included in the box. It came with Lion pre-installed, Lion was actually the desktop pattern on the MacBook...
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