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Once you've used an SSD you don't ever want to go back to HDD.
That's what I initially thought too. It just struck me that it might be this because of the rumors that it's in the late stages.If anyone doubts that the optical drive is gone from the next MacBook Pro, go back to Saturn. I received a new 17" MacBook Pro yesterday (at work) — it had shipped directly from assembly in China — and there were NO optical restore discs included in the box. It came with Lion pre-installed, Lion was actually the desktop pattern on the MacBook...
Maybe this is the September "Product Transition" that Oppenheimer spoke about in the quarterly earnings report last week?
Not that this isn't obvious to most here, but it's quite clear to me that the next revision of the MacBook Pro will not have an optical drive. I would almost guarantee it. I just took delivery of a 17" MacBook Pro (purchased through my work) & it came with Lion pre-installed. There were no installer DVDs for the OS or iLife Apps. In fact, it can probably boot off of the Internet just like the newly released MacBook Airs.
You need to tell us your model of MacBook Pro. My 2009 MacBook Pro seems to run a little warmer under Lion. It's a minor annoyance. Although I can't tell. I live in Massachusetts. As you know, it's very hot & humid here the few days. I don't have AC in my house. So it could be just that it's actually hot.
I think it has to do with the new iPhone, and perhaps a lower priced model
Interesting. I don't know about that yet. I think Apple needs to get resolution independence working reliably & on a more major scale. And further I think we need to be able to start talking to computers & have them respond to us much like the Knowledge Navigator concept. Then OS X is dead. Or more likely, phased out.
That's been my experience too. Fresh install Lion if you can.
I concur. I have been running Lion Server on the same model & it runs fine. Clean install Lion on yours.
Dave's spot on here. It's all going to depend on how badly you need it right now. Obviously if you have a paying project or you are trying to get a research paper done, then by all means get one now. However if you can wait, I think there is a high likelihood of an October redesign — similar to 3 years ago when Apple came out with the current unibody designs. And believe me, Ivy Bridge or not a redesign/modification of the current 3-year-old MacBook Pro is coming in...
New Posts  All Forums: