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That's been my experience too. Fresh install Lion if you can.
I concur. I have been running Lion Server on the same model & it runs fine. Clean install Lion on yours.
Dave's spot on here. It's all going to depend on how badly you need it right now. Obviously if you have a paying project or you are trying to get a research paper done, then by all means get one now. However if you can wait, I think there is a high likelihood of an October redesign — similar to 3 years ago when Apple came out with the current unibody designs. And believe me, Ivy Bridge or not a redesign/modification of the current 3-year-old MacBook Pro is coming in...
I wonder if the next iteration of the mini will have the optical drive. Looking at the product shots that "leaked," I didn't see an optical drive on the mini they paired with the new Thunderbolt Cinema Display.
In my opinion, the current cinema display is amazing. I have one at work and I'm thinking of getting the new one for home. Everyone comments on how "gorgeous" the screen images are. We have Dell monitors in the same size (and literally use the same LCD panel manufacturer as Apple's Cinema Display) in their matte finish. People want the Apple Cinema Displays. They say the Dell monitors look fuzzy after having used the Apple one for awhile. They ask me why Apple's are so...
With Apple's current direction, I'm wondering if the Mac Pro and Mac mini will lose their optical drives in these updates. Certainly the optical drive is an endangered species.
Why didn't they just call iMessage iChat? I don't know about anyone else, but iChat rolls of the tongue easier than iMessage. And they could tie it into iChat on Mac which would be EASY for everyone to understand... now there's iMessage UGH...
The reason the MacBook Air has a less reflective display than the MacBook Pro is because the glass used in front of the display on the MacBook Pro would increase the weight of the MacBook Air.
I think the MacBook Airs will be revved at the WWDC in June, which means maybe they'll expand the line by adding a 15-inch model, and/or add other features like 3G.
Am I the only one that sees the new MacBook Pro 13 as a fantastic machine? I agree that everything is slowly going towards the Air styling but still... Could Apple have ripped out the optical & made way for better graphics? Maybe. But I think the 13's the dark horse in the line-up right now. There seems to be some teething issues with the 15- and 17-inch models by way of some reported hard freezes but I'm sure the Apple wizards back in Cupertino will work out those...
New Posts  All Forums: