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Interesting analysis Blackcat. I tend to agree with you. Sounds like a plan.
Anyone care to tackle my question?
I love how some like to arbitrarily throw around dates. Way too liberal. A speed bump by January? That's way too long a gap for just a speed bump, esp. when these products have already been bumped to death. Think of how stupid it sounds when you say a speed bump by January. 14 months and then just a "speed bump." Nuts!
It probably signals that the PowerBook G5 is in fact a finished product. I bet this presentation and information was set for release on that date before WWDC, with IBM's knowledge of the PowerBook G5's timetable and that it would have been announced by then.
Apple probably knew at least a year or more ago the situation with the chips IBM recently announced.
You're probably spot on. I think everyone recalls that the new PowerBook models showed up in the G5 plist files last summer with the 10.3.5 update, along with the new iMac, which turned out to be the iMac G5.
Who knows. Apple. I think it's a fait accompli that Apple's portable lineup is very stale. PowerBooks: Weak update on January 31, 2005. iBook: Last updated October 19, 2004. I cannot imagine Apple letting the iBook stagnate almost a year without an update, but then again, they let it happen to the iMac flat-panel G4.
But what if the Intel-based Macs run at such better performance with native apps that the slowest of the Rosetta emulated apps run better on Intel than they do on native PowerPC hardware?
Your supposing that Apple is just finding out about the low-power G5s through IBM's recent announcement in Japan. More than likely Apple has long been playing around with samples and engineering them into prototypes. We knew of last summer the "PowerBook 7,1" and the "PowerBook 7,2." They appeared in a plist file of the 10.3.5 update as you may recall, around the same time that we found out the next iMac was based around the G5. Now that info is encrypted in the plist...
If you watch the WWDC 2005 keynote in Quicktime, Steve Jobs says, "I think a lot of you would like a G5 in your PowerBook, and we haven't been able to deliver that to you yet." Key word there is "yet." Jobs continues, "But these aren't even the most important reasons. The most important reasons are that as we look ahead, though we have great products right now...and we have some *great* PowerPC products still yet to come..." and Jobs then proceeds to talk about the...
New Posts  All Forums: