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I just saw what the grand prize is. Wow. Sweet. But after some thought, other than the 10,000 song gift certificate, I think I would donate the rest to charity or work with Apple to donate it all to underpriveleged kids.
How so? Is there something in the FCP update that references new Mac minis?
The hardware test is on the system DVD that came with the computer. You get to it by holding down the Option key when you boot.
Because it's the video card currently used in the Apple Intel Developer Macs.
Not in the US...yet...although any BTO brings shipping times from same day to 7-10 days.
lol, yeah. They don't...they might wait just a smidge to see if the batch they are shipped for the actual production models are working right, but for all intents and purposes the PowerBook G5 has been in the works for years, and the design is probably finished.
Interesting analysis Blackcat. I tend to agree with you. Sounds like a plan.
Anyone care to tackle my question?
I love how some like to arbitrarily throw around dates. Way too liberal. A speed bump by January? That's way too long a gap for just a speed bump, esp. when these products have already been bumped to death. Think of how stupid it sounds when you say a speed bump by January. 14 months and then just a "speed bump." Nuts!
It probably signals that the PowerBook G5 is in fact a finished product. I bet this presentation and information was set for release on that date before WWDC, with IBM's knowledge of the PowerBook G5's timetable and that it would have been announced by then.
New Posts  All Forums: