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Well, Powerdoc, 15'000 sure is a big number. But most of them are not active users. I'm sure that the number of active posters is much smaller, maybe around 200-400. Most of these members joined after it was required to be registered, while our coverage this past MacWorld. But these don't post or browse here anymore.
Have a good time, old soggy bear. Moderating can be a hard job, but you did a fucking good job. Thanks for the laughs and the occasional screen cleaning.. hehehe
Splattered the foreign uran
Someone took fast Usenet
Saint Tropez Foreman University?
Boobies! I said Boobies!
For your murbot, I found boobies: http://www.lattelekom.lv/ltk/foto_akcija/?aid=48
http://www.eluminx.com/ should be Mac compatible. It's PS/2, but has an adapter for USB. Like my joystick.
That's why you always have success with 'em, eh? snow that funny unny
Stop to Fly up?
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