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The Invention of Solitude, Auster Life of Pi, Martel A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Eggers. I'm kind of busy with these three right now.. Auster being my favorite, and Martel a close second. Eggers is not bad either.
That's too much for an app that's just sitting idly. Did you notice any editing on the pic? That's right, you didn't, because there wasn't any. Well yes, because as you may or may not be aware, the OS must run too, and that requires some RAM too.Are you gonna stick with your '80MB of RAM' assumptions too? I hear those are popular too. Just look at that pic.
Fair enough. But, as with almost everything else; taste is relative.
And that's just fine. I don't expect it to be as snappy as, say, RAWShooter in Windows because they have different models of workflow. I just don't agree with the 'Aperture at 1GB of RAM is FAST!111' comment.
Yet Another Purist Bullshitter.
Yes, because in order to edit that image, I first need to find it. For some reason, and I frankly cannot comprehend why, you seem to be thinking that Aperture's RAM usage depends on how many pictures I'm working on. No. Wrong. Aperture uses a lot of memory even while sitting in an idle position. It's the nature of the beast. Really? Because I just installed Aperture on a new computer, with 1.25GB of RAM, loaded about 5-6 RAW files on it, and it's taking 280 of RAM just to...
(Assuming that what you say is accurate...), since when are launch speeds indicative of overall speed? OO takes longer to launch, but once it launches, it is fast. Try running XP and Word 2003 inside Parallels with 384MB of RAM with longer documents, and tell me if it is faster than running (not just launching!) OO 2.0.3 within OS X. In my experience, it isn't, but I won't automatically discount yours either.
Aperture isn't Ghz-bound, it's RAM-bound and hungry. 1GB of RAM with Aperture is not enough. It's the bare minimum according to Apple. gregmightdothat:I have 15,000 RAW images in my library. How do you know with how much data it works? Yeah, and I have a bridge I can sell you.What does this mean?And still isn't. With the same amount of images, same amount of RAM, and misc., computer hardware, LightRoom routinely beats it. Aperture has the better UI, of course, but 1GB of...
The only problem: who decides which nation is democratic and which one isn't? Pat Robertson? That idea stinks to high heaven.SDW: If you're going to accuse people of being something... at least get that something straight. It's semitic, not semetic.
dp - sorry.
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