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Gender identity? That is ridiculous. It's either you are a man or a woman. No in between like these idiots Bruce Jenner and others. I'm sorry but there shouldn't be protections for people who want to be a man one day and then a woman the next.    I hope this bill fails. If you read it, there is a part that says you can't use the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to defend people who believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. The bill also says that if...
Huh? There is no auto manufacturer in the world that charges several thousand for a map update. Most auto companies update their maps on a yearly basis. I get a new SD map card every year for $40 for one of my vehicles. 
I've been a customer close to 20 years. In my previous post I just summed it up how I get it for free. I don't say give me Sunday Ticket for free or I'll cancel my service directly. Last year I complained about Directv not having the Pac 12 network. I told the customer service rep I was thinking about switching to Dish since there are no incentives for current Directv customers. I mentioned the fact that new customers get Sunday Ticket for free. They offered it for free...
Funny thing is I actually still watch the Real World. I'm not a shame to admit that. I always think to myself why the heck am I watching this crap but I still do. Sounds like no more Real World though. For music, I like watching Palladia on Directv. They have some good concert performances. Unfortunately way too many repeats of concerts though. 
Are you trying to tell me you don't like the shows 16 and Pregnant and Catfish? 
I get NFL Sunday Ticket free every year. Call the customer retention number and threaten to cancel your service. I do that every year and get free Sunday Ticket. 
I don't get the point of this service since there are no live regular season games. Who cares about out of market live preseason games. 
I bought the 42 stainless steel model with black sport band.  It's hard to narrow down to one thing I like the most. Overall, I love the feel of the watch on my wrist. It doesn't even feel like I have a watch on my wrist. The sport bands are really nice. I didn't think much of it when I ordered, but viewing text messages on the watch has been one of my favorite features. I know all smart watches have this feature, but the UI and response to user interaction is really good...
Count me as one of the 97% who are happy with the watch. After I ordered one, I kept questioning myself about the purchase. I had doubts if I would even like the watch. Now after about of month of ownership, I couldn't be more happier. The Apple Watch is an excellent product. I can't wait until the new update comes out this fall with native apps. 
Huh? What does lobbying have to do with anything I said in my post? I didn't mention anything about saying Apple is a lobbyist. I assume you clicked on the wrong post and accidentally quoted me. 
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