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You have no clue. I never said Venice was going to move. As someone who spent part of their childhood in Venice, I know what I'm talking about. I'm not exaggerating by any means. There are restoration projects on some of the main tourist attractions, but not really many for the buildings in Venice. This biggest issue is no one can afford to restore and there aren't many options to fix things such as the deteriorating bricks. You can see the damage on walls in just about...
 I was in Venice last year. They are building some sort of flood gates. I believe the project is almost finished. I wouldn't worry about the flooding though. Those buildings are falling apart over there. So many old and run down vacant buildings in Venice. 
I have the same issue. I wish Apple would let you combine accounts. 
Based on what I read on their website, it sounds like it does exactly that. 
I've noticed Samsung hasn't been airing any commercial in months bashing Apple. Samsung probably can't find anything to bash Apple about now.  Apple has been taking them to the cleaners ever since the iPhone 6 was released. 
Beats build quality seems fine from my experience but I do agree the sound quality is bad. You can buy headphones for half the cost that blow any Beats model out of the water.
This whole case really bothers me. I think the courts have overstepped their legal authority with appointing this scumbag antitrust monitor. For starters this guy doesn't even have experience in antitrust cases. That's a huge red flag there. Then this clown wants to meet with top execs such as Jony Ive, who have nothing to do with this. Bromprick is totally extorting Apple. I can't believe he's charging $1,100 an hour, plus 15% administrative fee, and another $1,025 an...
Sync is actually not that bad now. Thankfully Ford finally has ditched Microsoft for Sync 3.
Samsung actually has been making cars for years. I saw quite a few of them during my last trip to South Korea. I don't know how much they are involved now, but they started making cars in the 90's. 
My sports app of choice is  Yahoo sports. You can customize the app to just show the sports leagues you care about. Unfortunately its not optimized yet for the iPhone 6/6 Plus. 
New Posts  All Forums: