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This case all along has been a conflict of interest. For starters, Bromwich should have never been chosen. He has no experience at all. He had to hire others to help him and charged Apple. Bromwich also met with the judge on many occasions off the record to report about the case. That doesn't seem legal to me. Easy solution would be to shut down iBooks, but I don't think Apple should do that. This whole case is not right and they should continue to fight it. 
Yep. This is what happens when you don't rush to the market like Samsung and release 6 plus models hoping to get one right. 
They aren't actually preserving the entire forest. Parts of it will get cut down to supply Apple's packaging needs. A working forest doesn't mean it's protected from logging. 
You can say that again. I absolutely hate that mode. On the subject of music, it would be nice if Apple added the iTunes Visualizer to Apple TV.
 Regular pricing without monthly plans for their software is somewhat hidden on Adobe's site.  https://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/software._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_sl_mostpopular.html With Lightroom for example, you click on buy and it gives you upgrade pricing or full version pricing. You can also buy boxed versions of Lightroom 5 on Amazon and other retailers.  Here is a link if you are interested in...
You can purchase programs from Adobe without a subscription. I never cared for Aperture. Lightroom has always been miles ahead. 
I was able to purchase a 42mm stainless black sport band on the app with my iPad. I was trying simultaneously with my iPhone and iPad. Luckily I was able to get an April 24th delivery date. While I was in the process of completing my order, the same watch went to 4-6 shipping time frame within in minute. I think it's a good assumption that band production is limiting supply. At the same time, I'm sure Apple is being conservative with production output as well. 
Yep. Best to always use the app for product launches. It always is available before the website. 
Looks like every watch is 4-6 weeks now. Luckily I was able to order one with April 24 delivery. 
I had to use the app and was able to get one. Looked at the store and seems all the watches are 4-6 weeks delivery now. 
New Posts  All Forums: