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I'm in the same boat as you. I wish I could cut the chord but with all the sports and other programs I watch, it's impossible. 
New York has a similar law so that's why you are paying sales tax. Amazon lost the court battle in NY. 
That's not what happened. California passed a law to collect sales tax from all online retailers shipping to California addresses. Amazon fought it, but eventually gave in. Amazon received tax breaks from the state to open several distribution centers in California. 
I installed the update on my iPhone 6 Plus and no issues. 
You don't need to restore your phone to get it working again. Download iOS 8, hook up your iPhone to iTunes, turn off Find My iPhone, hold down the Option key and select check for update. You then select the iOS 8 file you downloaded. Your phone is back working again in under 5 minutes. 
It won't work since the 8.0.1 update can't be verified by Apple's servers. Only option at this point is reverting back to iOS 8.
You need to revert back to iOS 8. It's basically the same process that's been said in here, but download iOS 8 instead and not 8.0.1
I bent my iPhone 6 plus into the shape of an antenna and that fixed the no service issue.
I think there is a problem. I'm on Verizon and now have no service ever since I updated my phone. 
Those people that blocked the coal shipment this year should be in jail. It's ridiculous the prosecutor dropped all charges because he was sympathetic to their cause. 
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