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What I said is completely accurate. I'm talking about drone regulations. The FAA does not have the legal authority to enforce drone regulations without congress. Congress has not given authority to the FAA to regulate UAV's. When congress passed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, it didn't confirm the FAA has authority to regulate drones. I've been following this for the last few years. Drones are going to become a legal mess since there is so much gray area...
All you need to do is file a Section 333 exemption if you want to go the legal route. I actually wouldn't do that though if all you are doing is shooting properties for real estate purposes. 
It's not the FAA that makes any decisions. They can only make recommendations. Congress would have to pass a law. There is lots of confusion regarding drones and the law. For example, many people tell you not to fly above 400 feet, which the FAA recommends. The reality is, there is no law preventing anyone from flying their drone above 400 feet. 
I don't get why these people keep suing. They always lose and will continue to lose. 
It's amazing how well gimbals improve your videos. I bought a Feiyu 3 axis gimbal for my GoPro Camera. I used it on my road trip I took over the summer. I'm no videographer but most of my videos came out really good. The DJI solution works a lot better than using a GoPro on a Feiyu gimbal. Tempted to pick one of these up soon. 
Welcome to 2015 and the crybaby society we live in. Say something about a black person, you're racist. Say something about a woman, you're sexist. Say something about a gay person, you're a religious bigot. 
I've read that book before. It's utter crap. Hasting's generalizations about the war are so wrong. I've never read so much exaggeration about WWII before. Hastings also gets a ton of facts wrong in the book. If you want to read about WWII, don't read anything from Hastings. 
Just what we need. The government spying on conversations between gamers on the PS4. 
You can use Apple Pay with an American credit card/bank account. I was in Canada last month and always used Apple Pay at Tim Hortons. 
Good to see Apple making their own charging stand. I ended up buying the Twelve South Forte stand. The Forte stand works great and the build quality is excellent. The Forte doesn't prevent the use of Nightstand.
New Posts  All Forums: