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 The navigation in my Ford is pretty good, but standalone units work so much better when trying to find an address or looking up a POI. I always use my Garmin on road trips along with the navigation in my vehicle.
I wonder how much you have to pay for the ad free version of the phone? 
I've never had an issue using Touch ID. I think it works really well. 
 Apple can't control that. It's up to the channel providers to allow a standalone subscription model. Problem is cable companies are basically in bed with the content providers so I highly doubt we will see anything like that from anyone in the near future. Providers like HBO are hesitant to offer a subscription service online because it will undercut their cable subscription business. Online streaming would cost less compared to what you would pay to subscribe to HBO with...
How can this article be true. Android has NFC. 
I'm enjoying the update. One thing I've just noticed, which I'm not liking, is when you have the reduced motion setting to on, it stops the dynamic weather app. There is no more moving clouds, rain, etc. I don't get why Apple would change that. I prefer the reduced motion on but still have the dynamic weather. 
Nice update! I just hope the constant Safari crash is fixed. It happens at least 10 times a day for me on my iPhone 5s. Same with my iPad. 
 As a frequent traveller to Europe, I've never seen those speeds in Italy, UK, and Germany. From my experience, the speeds here in the U.S. are much faster compared to every European country I've been in. A lot of countries in Europe don't even have an LTE network yet. Places like the UK have just recently started adding LTE networks across the country. 
This looks really promising. I hope the rumors of Ford ditching Microsoft turn out to be true. Although Ford Sync has become much better, Apple's offering looks a hundred times better.
You are obviously making those numbers up. As of December, Samsung had only sold 10 million Note 3's worldwide. I guess you have missed all the articles about Samsung being disappointed with the S4 sales. At the end of October only 40 million S4's have been sold worldwide. It's taken Samsung 6 months to sell that number. 
New Posts  All Forums: