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I really love the new blue color. It looks so much better compared to the pastel blue that's available now. I would love an iPhone in that blue as well. Now all Apple needs is to bump the storage to 128 gigs and I'm sold. 
Did Beats Radio 1 go down? Not working on any of my devices now. Keep getting error messages on my Mac and iPhone/iPad. 
iTunes 12.2 was supposed to be released after 2pm PDT. Looks like it's still unavailable. I imagine it's going to release any time now. 
It's supposed to be out after 2pm PDT. Don't have my Mac with me so not sure if it's available yet or not. 
That's still pretty high. When I was in Canada last year, I paid $10 per 100mb. So for $50, you get 500mb on Verizon compared to $50 for 250mb on GigSky. Verizon also has a  plan for $20 that includes 250mb. After that, it's $10 per 100mb. With the second plan, you get 550mb for $50.
I don't see how it's confusing. As always with something new, it takes a little time to get used to. Overall, I think Apple has done a great job with Apple Music. I agree with the new section. They should separate new stuff by genre. 
http://www.theguardian.com/technology/live/2015/jun/30/apple-music-beats-radio-launch-day-live Playlist on there of what's played so far. You will have to scroll down a little to see the playlist. 
It just started now. The ambient music wasn't part of the radio show. They were still testing. They've been playing the same ambient song over and over. Why are you complaining about a radio show that wasn't even started yet? 
It's obviously just a wild guess, but we won't be seeing watchOS 2 until the fall. My guess is Apple will announce the specific release date during the fall keynote for the new iPhone release. I just wonder if Apple will actually announce a new watch this fall? They could, but I think Apple announces a new watch in the spring of 2016 for a summer release. The current watch is still being introduced to new markets. With the second generation watch more likely to be less...
I'm sure new bands are coming. My guess is we won't see the next gen Apple Watch until the 3 or 4 quarters in 2016. WatchOS 2 looks really promising with native apps. I hope in the future, third party developers will be able to make custom watch faces. Native apps (which are coming) and third party custom  watch faces are my biggest wants for the Apple Watch. 
New Posts  All Forums: