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You need to read the law, Civil Rights Act, and federal law. It has always been legal in Indiana to refuse service to gays.
Indiana actually doesn't have to do anything. Have you read this law? It prevents things such as lawsuits. Even before this law was signed, it was already legal to refuse service to gay people. 
I find it hysterical all the liberals who are wetting their panties over this law. It's the same thing with the law that was vetoed in Arizona. It does not make one damn difference if this gets overturned or not. It is legal for businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and federal law does not prevent businesses from refusing service to customers based on their sexual orientation. Some states such as here in California do have laws on...
iTunes has a ton of electronic stuff. Beatport has more unknown stuff, but pretty much everything you hear on DJ charts is on iTunes. I have yet to see something popular on Beatport that's not on iTunes. Sometimes iTunes has a certain version I want that Beatport doesn't have and vice versa. 
Maybe at some point, but for it to become the standard, that's a very long time away from now. The bandwidth isn't there to fully support 4K. It's bad enough now with all the compression needed for HD. 
I do realize 4K looks better on a big screen TV. 4K on a smartphone is rather pointless. You won't even be able to notice the difference with a 4K phone. You would have to hold the phone like 3 inches away from your face to even notice the pixels. It's pointless on a camera as well too. The majority of consumers don't have a 4K monitor or TV. As for bandwidth, there isn't enough for 4K. HD is already compressed as it is. It will be even worse for 4K. The 4K content now is...
 Broadcast TV does matter if Apple plans on offering a TV service like the rumors suggest. I know there is 4K content out there now, but it's on a limited amount of devices. I know it will grow over time like 3D, but 4K won't become the standard like 720/1080 has. Another huge factor is bandwidth. People don't have unlimited internet usage at home through companies like Comcast or Time Warner. 4K won't be any different than 3D is now. Yes, it's available but it won't...
I think 4K will always be a niche product, just like 3D. Look at how long it took networks to make the switch to HD. This was fairly recent so I doubt anyone would want to spend money to upgrade all their equipment so they can broadcast in 4K. 
I really don't think the $14.99 price is bad at all. So much great material HBO has to offer. 
This copying Samsung continues to do is getting so ridiculous. Even the new earphones with the S6 look almost exactly like the earbuds that come with iPhones. 
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