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I was just reading about the ruling that happened this month in New York. It sounds like congress will have to get involved to clarify the law. 
I'm not a lawyer, but from my understanding, if federal laws are different than state laws, in most cases the federal law will supersede the state law in court. I don't know why SiriusXm didn't appeal the ruling and take it to a higher court. Under California law, pre 1972 recordings are protected, but they aren't on the federal level. EDIT: I guess SiriusXM are appealing the rulings in California and NY.
The issue is copyright law. They won against SiriusXm because they argued the music was protected on state level and the judge ruled in their favor. 
Apple may be forced to pay a ton of money. SiriusXm lost and had to pay $100 million.  EDIT: I wanted to clarify SiriusXm didn't lose to Zenbu. Zenbu's lawsuit is basically the same thing others sued SiriusXM over. 
For me, the 2.5 hours (if that turns out to be true)of battery life for heavy usage really doesn't concern me. First and foremost, I will be using this as a watch to tell time. I can't see myself being a heavy app user on a watch. I have a phone for that. The other big reason for me using this watch is having the ability to see text messages when I'm in business meetings. I don't pull out my phone in meetings since that's inappropriate. With the Apple watch, I can just do...
I'm sure all the information gathered in these so called inspections will be passed along to Huawei and Xiaomi. 
I see what you are saying, but the way the Labor Board gets their statistics is really flawed. You have to count the millions of workers who lost their jobs and are ready to work. Just because they haven't looked within the last 4 weeks doesn't change the fact they are part of the huge work force unemployed who are ready to work. Just about every economist doesn't look at the "U6" figure. 
The unemployment rate the Labor Department releases is very misleading. Unemployment in this country is higher than 6%. The real unemployment rate is more like 13% or higher. They aren't counting millions of workers out of a job who aren't looking for work. Obama has nothing to do with gas prices being lower. Auto sales being higher have nothing to do with Obama either. If you look at the statistics, more people are buying cars because auto manufacturers are selling...
I'm still waiting on my bank for Apple Pay. I'm pretty happy the grocery store chain in my area will start accepting Apple Pay soon. 
I hate apps like that, especially ones that require you to log in with a Facebook account. 
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