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I wish that would change. I would prefer to pay for the phone outright, but have a cheaper monthly plan versus a 2 year contract plan. There is no incentive for buying a phone full price since the plan won't cost any different. 
You can, but you have to enter the right code in the defibrillator. 
You can make a point that artists do put themselves in this position. They are the ones that sign the record contract. Taylor Swift is just one of a very select few that actually control their own music.  I can see how you think labels and publishers are the bad guys. They are making money at the expensive of the artists they sign, but at the same time, the artists make a ton of money as well indirectly. The labels put the music out there on sites such as iTunes, Spotify,...
Most people had their rates go up by at least 50% or more. That's not a normal increase from a previous year. It's due to ACA. I couldn't keep my own plan because I was dropped as was ever other person on the plan in California due to ACA. The replacement plan I was offered was 70% higher with less coverage. Read this: http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2013/05/30/rate-shock-in-california-obamacare-to-increase-individual-insurance-premiums-by-64-146/
What I meant is I'm a business owner who provides insurance for myself and certain employees. ACA has been a nightmare. Small companies have insurance that aren't part of ACA.  ACA a bargain? Maybe for a very small amount of people. The overwhelming majority are paying more for less coverage. That's the reason why there has been such a high public backlash over ACA, not because it has Obama's name on it. Another factor for the backlash is the lie about you can keep your...
You must be getting your information from CNN or MSNBC. Your statement is highly inaccurate. Most people, including myself, who had private insurance before now have more expensive insurance with less coverage. The Affordable Care Act is awful. The proof is already out there the law is doing the exact opposite of what Obama was claiming, that insurance would be more affordable. Fact is insurance premiums have gone up in the majority of  states. 13 states, premiums have...
I sure do miss those AOL chatrooms. a/s/l?
Same with mine. I ended up cancelling my watch order last night. Since I'm going out of town for a few weeks, I didn't have a choice but to cancel. I'll buy a watch eventually. 
A lot of misinformed posts on here. My Ford Touch (MFT) is part of Sync. Regular Ford Sync is in vehicles without the 8" touch screen. When you have the 8" screen, it's Sync with My Ford Touch. MFT used to be pretty bad, but it's actually fine now. Since the big update at the end of 2013, Ford fixed all of the issues. The new Sync is called Sync 3. I've had a lot of time to play around with it and it's really good. I can understand Ford wanting to show off Sync 3, then...
This is screen shot I took 
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