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Well said. Now imagine if there was an organization like Code2040 for only white people. The liberal press would scream bloody murder and call them racists. Programs that help other races are fine, but no way in hell could there be a program that helped underprivileged white people. This country is becoming a big joke. Like you said, we need to take race out of the equation, but that will never happen with the mainstream media we have today. 
So basically more reverse discrimination against white people. 
Walmart already supports chip cards. All the ones around me have the new chip terminals. 
I can't wait for this to release. CurrentC's system will blow Apple Pay away.   Linked to your checking account? Check   Stores receipts of your purchases in the cloud? Check   Complex security of QR Codes? Check   Can't load credit cards or store cards? Check   Merchants can track what you purchase? Check   How can Apple compete with this? /s
I can't believe over half a million people actually paid for that crap software. 
My sources are telling me the next iPhone will be made of mimetic polyalloy. 
I'll wait for the Steve Jobs Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas. 
I'm still staying clear from Apple Music. Still not happy about the stupid service ruining my music collection on iTunes. 
Your carrier has to support this feature. If you aren't on a carrier that doesn't have Wifi calling, you won't see the setting. 
So if Apple can be held accountable, what about Facebook and Twitter? Those are the biggest recruiting tools for groups like ISIS. What about Toyota? Will the be held accountable for making the trucks ISIS uses? 
New Posts  All Forums: