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Not surprising if you've seen their ridiculous credit card fees. 
Official price is $99.
Patent mentions iPhone by name and includes illustrations of iPhone/iPod devices. Filing is from 2008, so iWatch may have been only a blip on the radar at that point, but -- as with all patents -- Apple hedges its bets and notes the tech can be applied to other devices.   Added a sentence to clarify. 
Libratone just told me they'll be holding a "Dad's and Grad's" sale offering 30% off on all products from various retailers including big-box chains like Best Buy. Check it out on Libratone.com if you're interested.
 I'd put AirPlay somewhere between Bluetooth and a hardwired connection, so the delay should be imperceptible to most. If you use a third-party app to stream audio through all AirPlay-connected speakers and your iMac (e.g. Porthole), sound may be slightly out of sync depending on the software and media player.
Not at this time. The UE Boom and Mini Boom -- both good sounding speakers -- have that capability. Edit: The Jawbone Jambox also gained this function recently through a firmware update.
First off, this isn't a review. Secondly, nowhere in the article does it say the controller is a failure. It is a so-so product compared to console counterparts and detracts from the gaming experience, but it works. You may not be in the market, but those who are may care about setup and design.
I think you're reading into this too literally. The licensing comes with the territory, resulting in an all-or-nothing approach that is arguably more restrictive to OEMs than what Google has portrayed publicly. 
 Poor choice of words, branding = trademark. 
The documents are basically saying that you're free to use the open bits of Android, which is what Amazon and others have done. To use Android branding, you need to agree to terms that require preloading of certain apps. These apps come with their own stipulations, which is where the MADA comes in. Also, you probably don't want to build your own app store like Google Play. Take one app, you agree to all terms.
New Posts  All Forums: