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And yet. It will still require a boat load of Ram for some reason
1000% agree. Which sucks.
I am saying, is that yet another macbook whatever leads to no innovation. And shares drop as a result. Innovation was Apples old standard, but other than iphone there has been zlich on the hardware side. Even though tech like flexible oled exists, and multi touch has been on the market for a few years now. We still have lame one click notebooks and desktops.
lame. Old tech is lame. iphone has it. But thats it. iphone has it, notebooks do not. Notebooks and the whole form factor are old hat. Thats all I got. $500 notebook, then yeah thats cool. That worth it. But this economy does not like $1000 even 899 is to much for old hat now. Is no one going to inspire the djs and graphic artists and everyone really with tasty new ideas? Hardware, mega iphone.. Plaster itunes all over it. Just the d@%m tablets out already. I...
Call me when you have a client thats sending notes in a pdf format that is halfway across the world and barely reachable but you have so many hours to re edit the script , repeat. Yeah it sounds stupid and it is. But people want to edit pdfs cause it looks and acts just like a text document. I don't care one way or the other, I just want apps like Pages to become common place.
Can we FINALLY edit the things like a normal text document then ? PDFS are not final. Never has there been a more confusing format for the film industry than there is from a pdf
CRAP,, JUSt Crap... Sorry had to say it.. payed customer.. never got what was needed out of it...
Oh boy ! bevels ! NOT.. Weee I can use 1980's filters on my work now.. wooo lets spend 1000 for that....
It's like hard to read now... To much grey on the screen It looks nice but the text just runs togetther now Macnn http://macnn.com/ did the same, and now theres way to many words on screen... Please keep at it just figure out how to highlight the very top stories
wheres my tablet ! * ! Oh please apple please http://mrl.nyu.edu/~jhan/ftirtouch/ hurry up apps
New Posts  All Forums: