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  Dear Americans,   would you please for the love of (your) god learn some geography? Russia is NOT a part of Europe. I believe I already told AI about that mistake about a year before. It's Europe | Baltic and Balkan | Russia.3   Thank you, someone who actually lives in Europe.
From the outside, there is no difference between this one and the TimeCapsule. Can you insert a HDD of your own? Does it have the same ports internally as a TimeCapsule?
God dammit, I wish they finally fix the memory management in 10.7.6 or 10.8.5. My RAM is getting used up for nothing.
We (Europeans) don't care wether they identify themselves as European. Geographically, Europe looks like the map already posted. Russia is a culture by itself, and certainly not a european culture. The biggest part of of Russia is located in Asia and they are not european at all, so Russia is not a part of Europe, period.   Next time I'll say that Mexico is a part of the US of A since it's on the same continent and read your reactions to that.
Russia is NOT Part of Europe, and neither is Turkey. Get your geography straight.
What is the Build of the Version from the App-Store?
Seriously, guys... there is nothing wrong with the WD Greens. *) I use them in my OWN Server (attached via iSCSI) for years now. I have a 6 TB (4x2TB) RAID-5 with critical Data, and a 5 TB (6x 1TB) RAID-5 Testbed. I re-created the Testbed more times than I can remember in the last 3 years, and no HDD failed me, ever. I can personally attest that these drives meet the needs of a TC perfectly. *) A client of mine uses 9 of them for a 12 TB mission-critical...
I need help rescuing my data of my 5TB RAID which is connected via iSCSI. The RAID itself is running fine, but due to a PEBKAC-Error, I managed to delete the partition table of the array. In theory, this shouldn't be too much trouble: Simply write a new partition table to the disk. Here are the steps I've already taken: *) I followed this Tutorial here, and testdisk can find the RAID and get a proper readout of the Size (5001GB, aka: 5 TB). But there seems to be...
Also, wrong particle. It should be "これは日本語です。” Anyway, I love this feature. Too bad the deadline for my last japanology-paper is coming monday...
2 spelling errors: *) It should be "RIM", not "RIMM". *) It's "deutsche Bank", not "deutcshe Bank". You're welcome.
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