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OpenCL? Give me a break. There are ZERO worthwile OpenCL-Apps out there. All I've seen is an iTunes Plug-in. When will we finally be able to encode h.264 using our GPUs on the Mac? WHEN?
Just what are they using in their Datacenters now anyway? The Xserve is gone... Maybe they need all the space for their "Mac Pro Servers".
I can't find the Combo-Updater for the life of me... >.<
I would have loved to use an Xserve, but come on... 4 HDD bays? 2.999€? I have a Client who wanted a fileserver. After evaluating the Xserve, I set up a server for about 1.200€ using Linux and netatalk for AFP Sharing. Works like a charm.
Still far too expensive. 699$ do NOT equal 699€. No amount of shipping, taxes etc. can make this conversion this "convenient" for Apple. As of now, 699$ equals 499€ (rounded UP). So every European citizen pays about 200$ because Americans couldn't get their economy straight. Congratulations.
Hi guys, I have a question regarding iSCSI and it's "only one user a time" policy. Is it possible to have another computer (Linux in my case) act as an iSCSI target, and let the Mac Mini connect to it via iSCSI *WHILE* serving the iSCSI target via AFP? I'm currently using Netatalk on the server, but I would like to switch to HFS+ for the Metadata on the NAS (Linuxbox) and therefore am considering using iSCSI. The Networking would be handled by the Mac Mini, and I...
Whenever I hear OpenCL, I need to cry. WHERE is the OpenCL accelerated Handbrake? Where is the OpenCL accelerated Video-Encoder? Where are the OpenCL Programs? I can only count 2 of them. As long as there is no OpenCL accelerated Video-Encoder out there, no one will give a damn about it.
What?! Is there a single Program for OS X that enables me to encode Videos using my GPU? So far, I haven't seen one. Also, where are all those OpenCL-Programs?
Dang, you've beaten me to it... Anyway, thanks :3
Here's the Link to the Combo-Updater (Client):http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1017
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