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Well, (sadly), it is...
What do you think about the "release" of Tiger on various P2P Networks? Personally, I think it is a shame that something like this can happen. I mean, it´s just a few days until the 29th of April, and this very moment, some people have nothing better to do than literally stealing money from Apple. Tiger really deserves it´s price - thats just the same as walking into the Apple Store and stealing the box. Why would someone do something like this?
People, rejoyce! Just about 3 days after 10.3.9 unintentionally made Pithelmet (a popular Adblocker for Safari) unusable, there´s already a fix available on the website. Site: http://culater.net/software/PithHelmet/PithHelmet.php
I could imagine that there will be no Version available for these reasons. They sued someone for uploading a BETA(!!!) Version (yes, and for breaking a NDA, yadayadayada), I don´t want to think of what they would do to someone who uploads a good selling product....Well, there is no sign of it as of now.... (And remember, kids, downloading software you don´t own or you don´t have the rights for is illegal (and it makes baby jesus cry)).
Would also be interesting to me - I wonder if they´ll use something like this again, since their marketshare grew, and now, I think it would matter. I also wonder if there will be a version available on various P2P Networks after the lawsuit regarding the Beta-Version...
iChat on the iPod? Nice idea, really nice... I agree with you, that would be a killer idea, and I think Apple could come out with a good idea regarding the data entry (Maybe you would have to use a Mac or PC for this...) Anyway, this news looks very much like theres gonna be a video iPod someday - Apple said it would have a close look on how the PSP does, so I don´t think that´s to farfetched. And who has 60gigs worth of Music anyway? Video makes much more sense with...
Hi there, A friend of mine recently bought a Mac mini, and I wondered if there would be some sort of special rebate on Tiger for everyone who bought a Mac the last month before Tiger came out - something like the "up to date" program of M$ Office. Any ideas?
No wonder Americans are considered dumb and uneducated, with no sense of the other world, in Europe. I met so called "well educated" people - they could barely speak one (1!) foreign language, not to mention a second one (pretty much standard here). Telling me the root of 64? Nada. Goethe who? And they told me that the capital city of Australia was Sydney, yet most of them couldn´t tell me the name of the fifth continent... If you pay for such an "education", I recommend...
Well, hold it... I use iBlog, and I´m very happy with it. Have a look at http://www.denmaru.net . iBlog allows a complete rewrite of the Template as well, and I like the tight integration of iLife. I´d say, if you already have a .Mac Account, why bother with hosting it somewhere else, and with HTML Interfaces?
I wonder... if I preorder this version, will it also sport a german UI?
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