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I´m using a HP PSC 1100, and I couldn´t be happier. Just make sure you delete most of the uneccessary stuff it installs (or even better, just plug it in and let OS X do the work - I deleted all the drivers on OS X to have more space). Oh, and you´ll also want to refill your cartridges, since new ones are ridiculously expensive. (Just don´t expect the scanning to work over AE)
Would anyone mind explaining to my why you possibly would want to install Virex on your Mac... It´s not like there are any Viruses for the Mac, you know...
Hmm.. Well yes, why not? I always prefer "original" Software over Shareware (shoot me, I´m such an Apple whore), and that would also make me think again about buying an iSight.
http://cgi.ebay.at/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...tem=5760384216 Look at this... an iPod photo for 99 bucks? This looks like fraud to me, especially this one... http://feedback.ebay.at/ws/eBayISAPI...&iid=-1&de=off Your comments on this?
Hmm... I woldn´t buy it, but I´d say it´s better to have both systems integrated. These who a sure of paying 8 bucks a month for music in normal stores wouldn´t mind something like this.
Another great game is "Airburst Extreme" from Freeverse - it´s really funny, has Multiplayer, and is highly addictive. ---> www.airburstextreme.com The ownly downside is that you have to buy a boxed set - there´s no way to unlock the demo, which is ridiculous IMHO.
Because the Admin thought it´s good to have a laugh now and then...
They even copied the headphones - I wonder if this is a Hoax, since the earphones look a lot like Copy & Paste to me...
Hmm.. I imagine Steve pulling off a Stevenote in front of a huge crowd tellig them Tiger will start shipping "today", and going on and on about what a wonderful System it is. After 40 minutes, he will tell everyone that this was a joke. You think Steve would survive the wrath of the crowd?
Full Ack here! We need a Stevenote about this, as well as Live Quicktime Streaming (D´oh!) People shouldn´t complain about the eMacs presence - the Mac mini´s and the eMac´s target audience might be overlapping a bit, but I was about to buy a used 700Mhz eMac for my mom (absolutely computer illiterate) - I´m glad I didn´t :3 Hmm.. new iMac... I really hope they change the graphics card.
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