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Recently,I ran an intense hardwaretest from the CD on my iBook G4 (800Mhz Model), and after it checked the Video-RAM, it displayed the following Error code: 2DIS/16/2 Does anyone know what exactly this means? Thanks in advance :3
OMFG... That would be f*cking awesome. I just hope they are can pull this one off...
That should be http://www.ifoapplestore.com/ ,ne? :3
Same problem with a HP PSC 1110 here - works like a charm as a printer. but scanning etc. is beyond it, as long as it´s attached to the AE. Since I have a iBook, my solution is simple: go there, plug it into my iBook, scan, finished :3 As fot the post above me, sorry, but that won´t help. These are made for printers, and they are basically the same es the AE.
Your´re glad that Apple won? Are you serious? Think about it for a second. If Apple getsn away with this, there will be no more "Apple INSIDER" News whatsoever. As FFTT said, we would buy machines, when the next revision is just 5 days away. Cool gut, I can understand your reaction, but go back to school (if you´ve finished it by now) and ask your teachers about "Freedom of speech" and "fundamental rights". Sure, you would be angered, but it´s good that you have no...
Well, then he didn´t know how to defend himself properly. You have to be sure that your means are appropriate for the threat you face. Also, the goal is not to beat him unconscious, it´s to give the police time to deal with this looser (Well, I admit, even I overdid it somehow back then...) But back to topic :3
Now, for everyone else: "Cyril, iSoght went down to 149.- a LONG time ago, since spring 2004 - that wasn´t a special offer from FNAC." (Hint: Please use english :3)
Interesting... I always played with the tought of buying one, but the price tag keeps me from doing so :3
I think the Apple Logo is missing - it should be in front of the glass :3
So what´s the problem if someone tries to steal something from you? Teach him the lesson that all he gets from you is a world of pain. That´s what I did, worked like a charm. I don´t know about NYC though, never been there. But if you care about your security, learn to defend yourself.
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