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I think they should make a giveaway for every 50 Million :3
And I always thought of Apple as a good employer...
Well.... if this is a fully featured Firewire bus, I wonder if one could to something useful about it (with a little bit of soldering, that is...).
I suppose they ment a "25$ iTunes certificate....
Man.... if they do, I hope there would be action against that, like "We won´t buy any music for a day" or go protesting next to their buildings - especially the first option would be something they would notice.
I wonder how he celebrates his birthday - maybe he visits some Applestores? Or he sits by a lake and thinks about "the next big thing"? Anyway, happy birthday Steve :3
I just don´t see why they don´t offer the dock alongside with the new iPods anymore. I was so happy that my 20gig 3rd Gen iPod came with a dock and a carry case, and I doubt consumers will like this. And I agree with the USB "Problem" - Why they did choose USB over Firewire is beyond me, and don´t tell me that makes them cheaper - Apple has it´s own line of cables.
I´d like to have Bluetooth in the new iPods ---> iSync :3 Shouldn´t be much of a problem. What about making the iPod some kind of remote for the Mac (like Romeo does for mobile phones)?
That looks more like the typical "We want your credit card Data" fraud to me...
Damn... This man knows how to handle his business... Maybe he wanted to see if the new stuff already arrived, since the managers etc. won´t even tell him?
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