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In Tiger, much more will be done by the GPU - so yes, you should be happy with Tiger :3
Burn and raised in Vienna (in Austria, of course), and still living there. A very nice city, and maybe, I´ll visit Japan a few times :3
Well then, if you really have to pay 0.99.- to burn your music, you´re out of luck. Pay, and never use Napster again.
Ah, yes... but next time, do us a favor and upload it as jpg or something smaller, ne?
EEP... so, if I ever see 8 guys walking out of a store, I know I should wait for a while before I buy something...
Try burning your files to CD (Audio-CD) in Windoze, and import it with iTunes (be sure to select a good quality encoding (like 192kbp/s - 128kbp/s AAC)
I´ll be glad to go to jail with him - guess what, I´m downloading it this very moment!
Since OS X is a BSD System, you could try rsync (via the Terminal)
Heretic! *points with his paw* Anyway... What happened to the old eMacs?
Maybe they get these cards for 20$ each, and have a special contract? I can´t think of a different reason... (Although I tend to think different :3)
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