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I´m about to get an iMac, too. Here are my reasons I´ll buy him in a few days: -) Top of the Line is now at 1,8 Ghz - same as Low End Powermac (though the PM has 2 CPUs). I agrre with many folks here, I highly doubt that Apple would make a "faster" iMac than the Low End PM. -) Even if therewere tobe a speedbumb, I firmly believe that it would be a 2Ghz Model, and I won´t wait about 5 months (New PM, than new iMac) for 200Mz more, and even if they upgrade the Video...
Heh.... no wonder the Mini sales like warm buns ... Funny though, it seems like everytime, the demand is far bigger than the supply
I´ll say it again: Give us a Store in Vienna, and I´ll personally make sure they have profit :3
Well, I say that the BTO pricing (except for the RAM) is pretty good now, and I´m sure the Mini will profit from this :3 As for the books - I bought my G4 800 last year, around this time, and I am still quite happy about it :3 Just wait, the new Powerbooks are bound to arrive.
AFAIK, any Harddisk (as long as it´s not SCSI, but...) you can buy can be used with this eMac - even when they are bigger than 128GB.
I´d love to help them kicking them in their ... well, you know..
Hmm... maybe some "wicked frontend" for rsync? I wonder why it wasn´t there earlier, given that many ppl have a laptop and a PC nowadays... Between: Would somebody give me the Version Number of this Build? I didn´t load it by now, so I´m not sure...
Let me guess, it will be america only again, right? Why do they make boundaries when there aren´t any? Somone should try this: 1) Buy a Pepsi in America 2) Fly back to your country in Europe 3) Sue Apple, because you have the right to get you song. I wonder how this would work out...
Well, nice, the 2nd in the Kansai Region... but... We need more Stores in Europe..ok, I know it´s the 2nd biggest market... oh, well..maybe next year..
Heh....that´s the problem with these new glass-buildings :3
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