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I can't find a page on Apple's Website for downloading the Combo-Update. Does anyone know where to find it?
Can it be jailbroken again?
Oh my god... we need an OpenCL and GrandCentral ready version of Handbrake...
Paul...Who? Mr. "Oh, The Press is so Anti-Microsoft" Thurrott? Mr. "I have no clue, but like to make believe?" Thurrott? Quoting him is pathetic, just like his "I use Macs, too" excuse. His whole site is just a big marketing-campaign for Microsoft - too bad they don't even pay him.
I already bought it via the ~8€ up to date program - but it wasn't delivered today. I can't wait to update my iMac, but I need to know wether this is the GM or not. All my other systems are running 10A432 by now, though.
It has never been answered explicitly, so just give me a yes or no, and ONLY if you have installed it from the retail box. Is 10A432 the GM-build, yes or no? Thanks!
Goddammit, why can't anyone verify once and for all wether 10A422 is the GM?
So, is 10A322 the final build, or not?!
Just what build is the GM now?! 10A432, I assume? Could anyone verify this once and for all?
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