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Hi everyone, since I´m quite excited about the new features in Tiger, I thought I´ll let you know about the things I stumbled across so far... 1) Now why are the buttons for spotlight and the apple-menu grey instead of blue? Changing the colors from aqua to graphite didn´t change it, and they become blue when active. I´m curious because I´ve seen screenshots where they are blue, so... 2) The ability to publish iCal calenders via FTP did not work for me - it said...
I think at this point, that´s irrelevant... :3 Way to go, Apple.. :3
Interesting... I could install it on my iPod and boot from it, thus saving me the hassle of partitioning my HDD. Any experiences from the past about this?
Now, heaven forbid someone uploads a *.torrent somewhere on the net...
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