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ITT: Americans with their wierd idea of "justice" and "citizen's rights".
Huh? The Combo-Update weighs in at 979MB here, downloading from Apple's Site.... ------ Disregard that, I'm an idiot....
Yay for my EU! This is great news - I don't know how many of these suckers are in my house. We need more bold moves like these. Time to get innovation starting.
I'd wish they release Quicktime X... I'd love to see hardware-decoding of h.264. I'm running the SL update now on my 13" Macbook Pro.
Don't wanna ne an american idiot....
Yes, a simple "you have to include a standard-compliant browser" would have sufficed. Ah well, at least we tried...
iVlad: Go home to russia. We need a strong, unified EU, and I happily support the idea of a federalized state.
...here in Austria. Basically, you get 400€ off of any PC or Laptop you buy when you sign a 29€ (about 2000$) per month contract for 2 years. This includes 5GB Traffic.
Now, Americans - take good notice. This is a perfect example of "Your law is not my law". Quite often, Americans are completely baffled when I tell them that their law does not apply to me. Also, the case is pretty clear: EULAs have no legal standing whatsoever, so in this case, Apple can do sh*t about it.
As someone on these boards said before: "Mac Users don't take shit."
New Posts  All Forums: