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Hey, Kasper, why didn't you just mounted the image in Virtualbox and let it install from the image? That would've been *a lot* faster, and hassle free.
I'll gladly host it on my site. Really, these C&Ds are becoming annoying - in this case, they are even totally baseless, since information about how to do something is never illegal. It's just the same with Torrent Trackers - they are note illegal per se, since no material is hosted on them.
Rob Enderle? This Microsoft-Apologist who doesn't know jack about technology? Just google for his name...
Let's hope they open one in Vienna soon...
Only in America someone named "Gottfurcht" (literally "Godphobia", but in this case means that he honors God) can be taken seriously....
Now this is pissing me off. Why do we Europeans have to pay more to offset the weak American economy? It's not our fault that your economy went down the trench.The wussyfication of America... Hey, you guys are all up in arms as soon as someone seems to deny you your right of free speech - no someone's speaking out his opinion, and all you do is swirling the political correctness club by saying "Oh noes!1 This is offensive!" If you can't endure other people's opinions, a...
Look here.
As someone else put it: "Mac-Users don't take shit". Now add this to the fact that here in Europe, there's a far better infrastructure (3G), and you have your perfect reason. This is why I bought an iPod touch yesterday, and didn't wait for an iPhone. Give us an 3G iPhone, and I'll buy it, no matter the carrier.
It should be " ...that the Musikmesse would", since "Musikmesse" is not a Name, but a Noun. I wish I could be there, but I can't - I hope there are at least some hints of the new hardware.
Thanks a buch for all your kind answers! The problem was the TV - I figured out that there's some kind of special S-Video Mode... : / Once selected, it went without a hitch.
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