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I never paid for Adobe-Software. These Prices won't make me a costumer, either. 2799.- for Software?! They are crazy, I can get GIMP for free, and there isn't much it can't do what PS can.
I just bought an Mini-VGA to S-Video / Composite Adapter for my iBook G4 - I plug it in, attach the cables, turn on the TV, only to see a greyscale Image. My TV supports 100hz, and I tried every option (Color profile, all resolutions, 50hz and 60hz), still, only greyscale. Any ideas?
As soon as they are out, I'll buy them. 'nuff said.
My thoughts on the new iMacs: Mobile Bearlake Chips, 2 Cores at 2,33Ghz. Ati X1900 Rest just the same.
It will run OS X. Think of it, even the iPhone will run a run-down Version of OS X, so why not on the iTV?
Finally, some news... as soon as the new Intel iMac appears, nothing will stop me from ordering one. I can't hold out much longer... Please give them 2,33Ghz as standard, and an updated GPU (X1900, anyone?).
Indeed - Vienna is in dire need of an Apple Store. But I wonder how the genius bar would handle some people of this city...
Interesting - What about the RAM of the Core2Duo iMac in a Rev.B G5 iMac? Would this also be possible?
Huh? SonyInsider?!
Indeed... And I'm very happy about this.
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