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And for the Rest of the world? Damn, Apple should stop treating the rest of the world like a developing country...
It's "The Nihon Keizai Shinbun" (Shinbun = Newspaper). Anyway, why not in europe, too? At least, we have some very decent 3G Carriers, like 3, who have the infrastructure to make downloading songs with 50kbps a snap (On the other hand, other carriers are still in the stone age...). I can't wait to get my paws on an "iPhone".
I wholeheartly agree here. Finally, someone that has a spine, and some who thinks about his costumers (and his profit, of course). Way to go, Steve.
Well, I take it with a grain of salt. I'm afraid many developers see another Reason not to support MacOS X, and just tell their Costumers to "just boot Windows" to run it.
I´m sick to death of these dumbass "American Laws" and "Intellectual Property" bull**** - move the server somewehere else, and that´s it. And I´m tired of seeing all these "obedient" Americans who even SUPPORT these kind of ideas - quotes like "..then buy a mac. It´s that easy..." just shows that you do not have a spine worth mentioning, and that you obviously are happy to have huge companies dictate your life. I, for once, would be VERY happy to host this site, and...
Wow... now that´s a way to say "thank you" to your developers. Now I wish I could code....
Now I bet Buyers of the Rev.C iMac will be severely pissed... :3 Can´t wait to see the new ones, and the Powerbooks :3
There´s a typo here, Kaspar... Wrong: "Chrysler joins 16 other auto makers that currently offer iPod integration in their veichles. " Right: " -I´ll let our senses work here :3 -" Funny though, this sounds pretty "austrish" - "veichles".
absolutely true. It´s about time to renew, and I really hope it´s worth the decision. I just wonder what iWeb will do, and if I could trash iBlog :3
I think it´s kinda funny to see Apple employees working on Windoze PDAs. Yet another reason to develop an Apple-PDA :3
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