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Hmm.. Looking at my 3rd Gen iPod, I´m quite tempted. And *gasp*, the Design looks pretts good, too. If it plays Xvid, then the better - I´d love to watch my Anime on the go :3 Any ideas how it will integrate in iTunes?
This isn´t some "Apple will die because they won´t let it play protected WMAs" or "Apple is dead" #3443 - it is a fact that there are FAR more illegal Installations of 10.4.1 out there than Developerboxes. Just google, and you will see. And this is just a developer build. Now think a little more, and you should see my (valid) point. And of course, all of the people (I don´t know them, of course) I´ve seen installing OS X X86 on their PCs will buy a Mac.... It already did,...
And here´s another one: I see the Mac-Hardware line doomed. Right now, it is relatively simple to install OS X X86 on other hardware than the Developer Box - just imagine how it will turn out in 2006: Who will buy a "oh so expensive" Macintosh if they can call the local nerd / geek to install OS X on their loud Dell? And don´t give me this "Oh no, this won´t happen, we have the super chip that checks wether you run OS X X86 on a Mac or not". It took other people (of...
It´s about time they upgrade their .Mac services... 250MB for this price is ridiculous at best! And at least, they could provide us with more servers - download speeds of 70kbp/s make me the laughing stock of everyone when they are downloading my musicvideos.
This sucks. Come one ppl, these are files, there is no "we need to highten the prices because of the complex packing" or "We needto pay our PR management stuff more". They just want more money, for no more value. End of story. I mean A file that cost me 99c yesterday costs (probably!) 1,29.- now? Sorry, no way. Vote with your $$s is all I say. That´ll teach them.
Check the Energy Saving Options in the System Preferences :3
Well, consider this your proof - as I said, the iBook Drive (a MATSHITA CD-RW CW-8123 with Firmware ("Version") CA0T) is capable of reading out the data, while the one in my iMac G5 (a MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-845 with Firmware ("Version") DBN9) doesn´t even let me work with the files. Man, this sucks.
Well, the prblem is: even when ripping with Mac the ripper, he ripped files are unsuable, and the programs says hat there would be "bad sectors" on the DVD. Other programs (Handbake, Finder etc.) get I/O Errors when copying, or trying to move these files. I´m positive that this is some kind of anti piracy measure, since my iBook (12" 800Mhz) reads the files out fine, and when connecting via Airport, I can rip/view/copyy these files normally... Anyone here to verify...
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I already tried with VLC - no luck, VLC seems unable to read out the voloume, and displays I/O Errors when selecting the VOBs manually. My Theorie: The Drive locks any processing of the files (I can´t even copy them ) because of the region code. Anyone care to verify this?
Since I´m studying japanese, I´d like to watch some Anime on my Rev.b 20" iMac G5 - the problem is, there seems no firmware or flasher for the drive in my G5. I searched these forums, and all I found was this -->http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...t=Codefree+DVD Link, but that as 3 years ago, and the website listed on this thread lacks any information now. Is there a utility for flashing the ROM of the Drive? Or at least, is there an Utility for resetting the...
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