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Hello.   We have 2 ipads and are the purchasers (own them and have receipts).     One iPad, wont turn or or turns on for a short time and then craps out. I'd like some tips to get it to turn on, back it up and restore it.    The 2nd iPad has the exes apple ID and password. I was able to turn off the find my iphone lock and wipe it and restore. Now I am stuck at the "Activate Ipad" screen where I am asked for his ex wifes apple ID and password. Genius bar said I am...
Marvin! I got Yosemite downloaded and clocked install. Got all the way to "install" and then nothing happened. Nothing is installing. Arg!!!
Thank you!!! Installing Yosemite now on the mac book air and then hoping for a factory setting reset afterwards! Command R at reboot yes?  Again thank you so much!!
I tried to create a network to no avail
I did what you said and....now I have no access to the internet - no networks are showing and therefore, I cannot access the store to get the upgrade. 
Thanks for the reply. 1) I have no USB stick/pen. I thought I had one. Turns out it's just an adapter. And my new air I got this week doesn't have any stick either.  2) When I go to mac app store and try to upgrade to Yosemite, I am prompted to enter my APPLE ID and password. Then there is an error state "this device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance"    Any other suggestions?
Hi all - I need to restore my 2011 1.86 GHz macbook air to factory. I have no discs nor does it take discs. I have the little USB adapter thing. I have tried the command restart, command + R to locate disc utilities. I have tried every recommendation to no avail. Computer just starts up normally. I want to wipe it and restore to give it to my daughter. This forum never fails! 
I found a service called remind me (used to be remind 101) and it's a computer based program for teachers that is exactly what I needed.
Hi there. I need to send text reminders to a groups of 20-30ppl several times a week. I'm an art teacher and need to remind parents before class as well as when class is over. I need to be able to send the same message to a group without them all seeing each other and give them the ability to respond w/out it copying everyone. I'm willing to use a computer (a web site or gmail etc) or an iPhone app to make this happen. Thank you! I love this forum!
New Posts  All Forums: