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I need a rec for spyware for iPads my 2 daughters got as a gift from grandparents. I don't want to be the Bad guy so I need monitor what my tweens are up to.
A co-worker spilled coffee on my keyboard (douche), saw the screen flicker and go out and I shut it down immediately. I let it dry out for several days and started it back up. Screen is all black with no change, but I can see the charger cord light up, the keyboard light up and it sounds like it's running (on) and not hurting. It's 3 months old with 3y apple care. I am assuming applecare won't touch an idiotic mistake on the part of the owner's douche co-worker. Any...
when I go to old computer with exisiting iweb created sites:  Macintosh HD/Users/~/Library/Application Support/iWeb.   I only see DOMAIN   nothing that says domain.sites etc.    any suggestions
I did migration assistant to get all "files/apps" from my old macbook air to my new macbook pro. Sadly it didn't transfer ANY images, hardly any of my desktop and NONE of my iweb sites. I need to get all the iweb sites I created (that are hosted on my yahoo server) onto my iweb on the new macbook so I can edit/upload them. I see various ways online to do it - want to ask you guys the BEST way. Thanks! 
external drive. thanks but don't care about aesthics at this point ;0)
thanks. But what about the ancient xdrive with ONLY an old fire wire port? Is there a cord with USB 3 on one end and old school firewire on the other end?  
I ended up doing migration assistant since I had no ethernet port on the macbook air. It took about 15 hours to get all my stuff from the AIR to the PRO. And then I was going to plug in an old xdrive via firewire and see that my firewire cord is VERY outdated. Guess I need to get a new "modern" firewire cable to add some other files from my ancient xdrive.
Thank you! It arrives today so hopefully it will all go smooth.  
Is "WIFI DiRECT" something special? I have wireless internet - is that the same thing you are speaking of?  
Hello all. I always get great sound advice here and I'm looking forward to help with yet another mac question. I have a macbook air and just bought a macbook pro and as you know, it's limited with data transfer. I have searched other forums and support and can't find an answer to my question. I have heard about migration issues and obviously the NO FIRE WIRE port hinders the obvious easy transfer I am so used to. What is the best way to get my files over from my macbook...
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