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Thank you!!!
Hi ME. Yes, it would be great if it was already made and I could input the fields I wanted. I DL'd openoffice and it was not fun to use. I need something more user friendly. I only have about 15 fields. I really want it to keep track of camp families information, camps they register for and balance paid/dues etc. I don't even need invoicing capabilities really. Just to store my data for my reference.
I have a small business and I am looking for a SIMPLE database to keep track of my families information with the ability to customize fields and import my current clients from excel. Some of the fields would be, Name, Address, Email, Contact info, Child's Name, Age, Camp they signed up for, Balance Paid, Due etc. It doesn't have to function with any other program or software. Just stand alone for manual input so I can keep track of families registration info, spending...
and how do I do that?
After installing the new OSX, I went to open mac mail and all my emails disappeared wont send or receive and I lost everything. I have to force quit to get out of it and when I open it, it wont open up properly. I had ONE POP gmail account I was using and that was it. Any suggestions?
Hi all. I need some more memory for my ibook - a gig I am guessing. My computer keeps saying my start up disk is almost full and strange things are happening...emails not getting saved, address book getting deleted. I am assuming this is a memory issue. I do not have many vids or pics, so it's an application thing I am guessing. I already have a hard drive I use - all in all there isn't much stored on this computer. Please advise. Here are the details of my computer: I...
THANKS so much in advance for helping me. I run a business that has families whose children participate in after school programs at our schools, in art classes & seasonal camps at our location. We have about 500-750 clients we serve each year. I have kept everyting in excel spreadsheet (different ones for camps, art classes etc) that keeps track of our clients names, childrens names, ages, address, class attending, balancue due...you get the picture. It's horrible when it...
Thanks Marvin, but if you know 3 year olds, they will huck LCD screens and flat panels accross the room. That is why I am choosing an older imac b/c she can touch the screen and not be able to move it ;0) We have a 1 year old boy in the house, so safety is key! I can bolt the imac to the table ;0)
Thank you! Yes, I am not going lower than 400mhz! ) I have OS 9 - will that suffice, or do I need 9.1 ??
Hi folks. I need an IMAC running classic ONLY. I am looking on ebay for one. Can you direct me to an auction that is selling one? Why do I want an OLD IMAC running CLASSIC ONLY? 1. It will be in my 3 year old. 2. I have a ton of old programs/grames-so old, they only work on classic OS. 3. I can get a great one for under $100. 4. It seems that the 400mhz run really slow on the new OS, so I want it strictly running in classic for now. I can't seem to find an...
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