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My ibook was purchased in April of this year. I just called apple support and they are sending out a new keyboard to replace the old one. They said "just dispose of the current one" - 1 year warr. on parts :0) Very happy! I will post a pic in a minute!
I agree completely. we are seeing the complete degradation of quality - and that goes for all computers. As I said, I have had my ibook for 6 months! I went ahead and put scrapbooking stickers over the LNDC keys until I trek to the applestore for a replacement. It appears that they will replace the entire keypaid - so I will get that done. In the meantime, I have an interesting keyboard look now! I will have to post a pic later.
You have to consider though where the fingers rest if you type correctly. So the most worn keys could be asdf jkl :0) Since my D & L went first, that makes sense :0)
I have had my ibook for 6months and the N is GONE and the cd&l are following suite. I will head to the apple store and hope they can help.
Yesterday, was the end of the L on my keyboard. You can't see it anymore. It's worn off. The N is next, then the C, D & M are fading fast. Is this normal? Under warantee? TIA!
Hi folks. I have been really happy with a Brother 5140 in the office and a 2140 at home. But because I have to print 4000 double sided fliers each month, having to manually do duplex printing is a PITA. I need DUPLEX printing! What I need: Mac-friendly Duplex printing Black & White Printing ONLY- toner saver mode at least 21ppm I do NOT need mult-fuction fax but if it copies that is fine too. Under $500 There is a lot out there, hence why I am asking...
I have been using mac mail for over a year now. No complaints. I have tried all the clients, and this one suites me best. Some features I would like and wonder if it's an option: A way to color code the mailbox folders so they are easily recognizable like how I am able to color code appnts in ical.
I am pretty mac savy but as of yet do not have a .mac account (working on this). I work at home wirelessly on both a new 12" ibook and a G5 imac using my ISP. Both have TIGER. In my office, I have an older emac with PANTHER & DELL Inspirion (puke) laptop for bookkeeping and spreadsheets that is wireless as well using a different ISP that a bunch of businesses in the building all share to save $. I have an xdrive that I use to back up each computer as needed, and use...
I know it's got to be out there. I have a standard doc for my apps but would like another doc for my folkers and other goodies. Any links to applications I can DL to do this? TIA
Okie Dokie - meanwhile I will probably burn the images to a disk and just import them that way.
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