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You lost me with the XML - I mean, what you say makes sense but I havent a clue as to how to get that to happen w/out having you over to do it :0)
Yeah, I think iphoto needs to work on a simple import of albums and it should "FIND PHOTOS' on the computer like itunes finds music.
Hi there. I have been using an older version of iphoto on my G5 imac (1000+ pictures) and started a new version of iphoto on my ibook (400+ pictures). I want to merge the two iphoto libraries (1400+ pics) onto my ibook but can't seem to figure out how. I held down the "T" at restart on the G5 to get it to show up as an external drive. That worked fine. Then I opened my G5 HD and clicked users>photos> and moved all the folders with pictures in it into the users>photos>...
- Thanks!!!! Your 12" iBook probably came with an optical drive which can burn CDs. These are great for backup. Take a few minutes to read the help documentation on burning CDs from within iPhoto or other iLife apps, and or have a peek at the help system from the Finder itself (now with a new "burn folder" option in Tiger) to learn the quick tricks on how to archive your data to CD. In the short run, use of CD burning for backup should be all you need for...
Damn Omega...you are quick. Thanks. I will add a 512 or more - thanks!
hi folks. Got my first lap top - an 12" ibook with stock 256megs of memory. (did I say I freaking love this thing - how did I live without it). My computer is used for: --->lots of images and quicktime movie storage of my daughter- 1st time mom addicted to taking pictures & movies of my daughter --->some photoshop fun - but nothing fancy --->running microsoft office/excel --->web browsing and internet bs Seems like some apps are running really slow...
Looks like I hit a nerve. OKyou are right. They aren't swindling me, they aren't doing anything. I am the idiot and stated that in my post subject :0)
chill out ibook911. :0) I am an apple junkie. I was saying "figures" like I would do to any company that tries to swindle more funds out of me after I just spend 1200. As a business owner myself I am sure when I function like a capitalist...there is some parent or client that says about my company "figures" -
figures apple would do that! thanks!
I have a G5 with stock memory 256 and got a used emac loaded. Can I take the memory out of my emac (1st gen) and simply install it into the G5 flat panel w/out issues? Jessica
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