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Hi folks. Working on the new G5 1.6ghz here. 10.3.7 Hardly a mac idiot here but OUT OF NO WHERE, I opened iphoto 4.0.3 and found NO albums, NO pictures. I did a restart and prayed - then I got all my albums in order BUT NO PICTURES in the entire program or in the albums. NADA. The pictures are on my computer hard drive - in their little numbered/dated albums and aliases. The data IS there, but they are not in their nifty iphoto order. There is absolutely NO photo...
When I go to help it says I need to export the contact files from entourage as a Vcard or Ldap in order to import them to mac mail/addressbook. any suggestions to walk me thru this. I only see the option to export as txt file. Thanks. I only have 100 emails, but if I can do this in one step, I would be really happy versus having to type them all over in to addressbook. thanks. jess
ah thank you. you guys rock.
Thanks in advance - you guys (and gals) are quick and helpful. I appreciate your responses to my dumb questions. I am fairly mac savvy just dont want to screw anything up... My new 1.6 gig G5 (imac) just arrived from the apple store. It came with the lousy 256ram and I want to max out the memory and install it myself (hopefully the apple support site will show me how). My question: 1-Where is the best place to get a deal on memory? Prices I should be lookin...
Yeah Towel, I pretty much decided it was dumb. I get dumb when it comes to purchases! I am going to sell my EMAC first and use the $ towards paying 100% of a new G5. Thanks all!
Very true about financing a depreciating item BUT, most likely we are talking 1 year financing with an option to upgrade - not like a 5 year 30k car loan. I know some places offer this upgrade option. You finance/lease and get the latest macs as they come out. I used a 500mhz for years - even when 1 gigs were out...and now I am on an 800mhz (sad!). Getting the new imac to me would be like buying a 2010 car this year. If that makes sense. Anyway...I have no choice that this...
Hi folks. I am finally going to get a mac that isn't 2 years old at the time I purchase it :0) I want the new imac. I have immaculate credit and want to finance with a good rate. Is this a dumb idea, or can you recommend a great way (place) to finance...maybe where I can even upgrade at will? TIA~ CMG
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