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Will do. The warning was a bit intimidating. I dont want to get electricuted like the site says. I think I will wait for some manly help ;0)
Thank you!!!!!
Pretty much self-diagnosing that my emac 700mhz needs a new HD. I don't have applecare anymore much less went to take it in - Why did they have to make this beast so heavy? I am beginning to think apple screwed up when they made this overweight imac! The Disc spins low, takes a LONG time to read disks or anything on the HD. System prefs won't open. Items don't appear in their folders. I have done an archive/install (same issues) and erase/intall and now I get a...
TIA! Ok, Is there anyway that I can access the SAME ical & mac mail data from 2 networked computers? Basically I am hiring someone to work on my home office with me. I want to be able to have her see the same calendar I am looking at and have access to our biz email account (all mail boxes) and all that good stuff. I am aware of how to transfer data...it just would be nice that when I put things on my computer ical, that she sees it on hers. How do I make our...
Hi I have an iMac g5 and want to hook up an additional screen for more real estate but I read in the manual that it will only mirror. Is this true or can I hook up another display? Thanks in advance.
I dont really need email messages. I work from home and step out and miss messages. Never check them while out really -
Thanks! I just went to ovolab.com and got the Phlink. It should arrive in a couple of days. It looks like exactly what i need. I will let yah know how well it works if you like. I am so excited to cancel my message center via my tele companY!
I noticed in MAC HOME (ok mag) they have a program called Phlink & Parliant's Phone Valet booth (hardware and software) that allows the phone to ring and be answered, messagest etc and allow users to tree off to listen to various information you need to give them. I have no idea if this will be what i need for my company. Now, here is what i need: I run after school programs at 6 schools. I am tired of paying for message center and paying for mailboxes "...push one...
NEW PROBLEM>...I had all my albums organized and then opened iphoto and no albums or pictures where there (but they are on my hard drive). SO I restarted...then all my album names where there but NO IMAGES. So I went to apple site support and they said to open iphoto while holding down such and such keys (control alt shift or something close to that)...so I did that...then iphoto went into "rebuild and restore albums/images" mode...it took about 45 minutes and everything...
problem solved. my albums rebuilded. all is well.
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