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Oh man. I have to admit that one was pretty good. Lol
Reznor ando Lovine working hard. So what's Andre Young doing?
B&O is the Apple of the audio world. Wish Apple bought them in bateau of Beats. But no doubt Beats adds to Apple the diverse fan base compared to more of the same with B&O. As for me personally, I simply have no use for Beats anything.
What would be really cool is for Apple to design the next watch so that the wrist band can safely have multiple batteries inside of IT and contacts added where the band connects to the watch. Long battery life integrated. and no one would ever see the add on.
Actually I found the old 17 to be very portable. And with the sleekness Apple is producing now, I'd think that may be a non issue. But for traveling to clients and doing work on the spot, I find the smaller systems to be lacking. Perhaps there will not be a perfect solution here. Doesn't seem to be much interest. So that bums me out a bit. A5k screen is pretty much a MUST for anyone designing for the web now. Apple changing the game and progressing things lol I...
I definitley would. Holding out for something along those lines. the 15 is just too small for me. I do graphic design, web deign and devopment, video editing, audio editing, as well as the requisite email, word processing, etc. Just wondering if there were others that would be interested in such a thing. with the iMac 5k, the Macbook getting smaller, but better, the Air seemingly going the way of the Dodo, and the MacBook Pro line due for a signigicant refresh and...
I thought that strane too. Lookinat Volvo's logo.but funny how changes in the times distort original intent.Not my first choice for info, but it's accurate:http://www.examiner.com/article/why-is-volvo-s-logo-the-male-symbolWhat's also funny and sad at the same time is how dumbed down the American English language has become and how meaning has been distorted or changed outright due to popularity and/or great influence. I have a Websters dictionary that I like to reference...
The whole personal computing revision was born to give people their own secure private local files and apps. Then google comes along with chrome and it's the dark ages all over again.ol
Thinner yet not as robust... Ok More pixels, but only with a screen that is bigger... lol What's next? Apple to respond with "well our 15 has way more pixels than your 13 which beats our 12... And then there's the 27 5k..." And on. Lol Dell reallyinsulting people's intelligence there Bunch of junk trying to find a reaso to claim superiority. Funny thing is NONE of these comes close as a total package. You can have thin, poorly built, u sturdy slow, poor batteryife,...
So... Is that the CIA approved Xcode build I saw in the update section of the app Store today?... The error message I received "frostycup1" seemed like something I'd see on a compromised windows machine. Never a Mac.
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