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Ad companies don't own the Internet. If the web site as regulated in that way, ad companies would be forced to abide by rules that prohibit them from conducting business the ways they do. If as blockers are illegal, then so are DVRs with commercial skipping. I hope these tools have to pay blockr for the inconvenience of going to court.
"If a Muslim uses an iPhone to commit acts of terror, we should prosecute the manufacturers." - Hilary Clinton.
Just because evil people use a tool, it doesn't mean anything is wrong with the tool.
Hopefully Pencil 2.0 resolves the issue with not being able to flip the pencil over and erase like you would do with a wood and graphite pencil. Even MS Surface's stylus does that. And the Surface devices aren't that great, whereas the iPad Pro is so focused. But even it has its issues. I was was going to buy ASAP, but I really want all apps to use the entire screen first and also need the pencil to work naturally. I guess will have to wait a short while as I am sure at...
The map is just a stylistic choice. Nothing to worry about.
When the US citizens lose their freedoms and privacy out of fear of terrorists, that's when the terrorists win.
You cannot compare iPad sales to iPhone. It's more like Mac sales. At first the iPad took off like crazy until it saturated the market. Then people had these best in class tablets that were so well made, they didn't need to upgrade for years, just like Mac computers. No one upgrades their laptop every year or two. I'm still using my iPad 4 until I get the Pro and then it's really much more of a want than need. My current iPad has the brilliant retina screen, iOS 9, and...
This.I use the Adobe CC daily. It's an essential part of my career and I enjoy the software.I'm a die hard Mac guy.But the day Apple ditches people like me to focus on CE STUFF and dumb down the Mac is the day I ditch Apple.I took my time and paid my dues to become an MCSE.When you go through that process, you realize just how crap not only Microsoft software is, but how ridiculous the thinking behind structure organization and even terminology which is purposefully used...
I don't think Cook actually meant that MS tried hard at producing a great product. More like they tried to do too many things that don't allow it to be a truly great product. Steve Jobs used to say he was just as proud of what he chose NOT to add to a product as what he did add. Focus Daniel-san.
Absolutely.But Apples marketing teams work directly with the engineers. So it's probably a built in "look! Gen 2 is sooo much better!" For next year...
New Posts  All Forums: