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This is a good thing. Ive isn't the only talented designer at Apple. But one thing he REALLY brings to the table is he cares. A lot. He's a perfectionist and has a strong sense of visionary design in matters of pretty much everything. Steve jobs saw how the invisible dots connect in matters of business and humanity. Ive sees how design works clot just in some niche arenas, but in general. He will be the guiding force directing teams of hungry, talented designers...
In before everyone goes blind.
This article is pretty stupid. It's obvious that Mr. Bush was simply throwing a jab at the governments hostile takeover of health care that no one voted for. He's not doing an apples to apples comparison. My God. Anything to tar and feather the guy eh? Making yourself look ignorant in the process. Sheesh.
Yay! Now I can find out who my father is...
As I mentioned previous. This was so obvious. And cool too. Now you can get your band/extended battery. Great idea.
Wow. Complete with jony ive accent and vocabulary. I almost spit out my mango smoothie. The thing about Apple ads is that they're authentic. It makes sense to have the British accent because ITS THE ACTUAL VOICE OF THE ACTUAL DESIGNER!!! I don't hear the voice of any of their designers. I hear an Australian mimicking a British accent. And using the exact same vocabulary as Apple even mentioning the diamond drilling and cutting edges which Apple has been doing forever...
If this is real... And if it allows for Cintiq style artistry, I'm more than ready to purchase.
Cook foresaw the results of immature thinking with zero big picture forethought coming from the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West, etc. and pre-empted them with Dr. Dre. And Lovine already has inroads into much of that market.Costly. But smart.Now if they'd just get a move on with the rebrand and forget about keeping them seperate, that would be great vCook should be consolidating, not dividing.But he's as smart as they come. When it becomes obvious that is a messy way to do...
Oh no! Glass-like display reflects light! Egad! Sell your stock now!
Extremely momentary. Apple doesn't rest on its laurels.Historically, it's been iTunes and it likely will continue to be because Apple moves with the times.
New Posts  All Forums: