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The nasal discharge with boogers and fresh mucus mixed with puss.
Oh man. I thought that was hilarious!
Watch sales must be healthy if best buy wants in. So there's that.
Crime happening or no, my daughter should not be subject to seeing some guys junk simply because he wants to pee in her bathroom. And he shouldnt be privy to seeing her in that private a setting.It's difficult enugh raising kids right. they don't need temptation at every turn.enough already.
When I was little, I ws taught that playing make believe was ok. but there is a time to knock it off. But we live in an era where grown adults are stuck in a make believe infinite loop and try to pass it off as reality. a man calls himself a woman. it''s not true, but then he is calld "she." as if cosmtic surgery somehow chages the fundmnetals of who they are, chromosomes be damned... a white woman sas she is black, and it's not lying,... it's just how she...
I've been waiting 5 years.I am using a 2005 PowerBook 17 at home for side gigs and a new 27" iMac at work.I was just about to pull the trigger on the new MBP 15 with Force Touch, but I realized Skylake is so close. If I waited this long, a couple of months isn't going to hurt.Apple obsoleted my laptop when they went Intel, even though there was support for a short while. It did kinda suck after just buying the computer. LolBut I have to say, even with an outdated...
So... What are the odds of new and improved skylake MacBook pros?
Haven't heard a single one yet buddy.
Sorry. But this totally sucks. Visual ads can be minimally to non intrusive based on size and placement. Audio ads interrupting a podcast? Stupidity. Just say no, Apple.
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