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Lol. Thought so too.Funny how Apple has definitively grabbed authentic digital design by the horns while the android crew goes back to the original OS X and calls it "material design." It's skeuomorphic. And while that may make s comeback someday, today is not that day. It just looks... Dated.As for the redundant bezel numbers... Wow. That looks extremely amateurish now. Surprising.When you strive for elegance, you try to make it as minimal as possible. "Less is more." But...
Whoa. The TAG looks horrid.I thought it was nice at first.Then I saw the real picture.It's big, clunky, and not very elegant.And it seems to not even compete with Apple Watch on features, though it does bump up the specs.I'm waiting on an Apple smart band with integrated battery throughout the band before snapping ions watch though.
The Mac is a HUGE business all by itself. If Apple doesn't se that, then... It's been s great ride. I'm all for the Pro. Will be getting a first gen. Rate for me. But no way in the world will it be replacing my iMac. In fact, I'm hoping to add the next MBP 15" (but still hoping for a 17-18 inch model) to my new tech stable. My iPad Pro will be primarily for drawing and travel presentation with email, ebooks, web browsing, and a game here or there on my downtime. But...
Of course Cook does. He just does email, maybe some spreadsheets, FaceTime, and reviews other people's work. Can't imagine the marketing, industrial design, and software engineers doing this. I do some fast and messy prototyping on the iPad and then transfer to the Mac where things are a lot easier to fine tune. The best thing about tablets are the rethinking that app designers are forced to do. This has resulted in a whole new area of great Mac apps as well as tablet...
It doesn't interest Samsung to offer s good product, secure code, or to do anything ethical. Theyve demonstrated time and again that they are a business that is only interested in the definition of business: profit. What they fail to do is maintain s profit while also recognizing that they are humans serving other humans. It is a failure that is already coming back to haunt them. But they'll never see this. They'll just rush out the next "first!" Product with s decent...
Stupid idea. But good to protect the ip.
Jobs would be ticked. He tried very hard to keep Apple neutral in such matters and allow it be what it simply is: a producer of the best products in the world.
The sad part is that this same movement has already been discriminating against houses of worship for teaching the Bible in Houston.
This is actually just a mask to also give the Obama administration the ability to do what they said previously-develop their own frameworks for backdoor access. Even Apple cannot say no if the government forces them.
Yeah. He did. And it was somewhat awkward then just as it sounds now.But the UI at that time was pretty dang awesome for its day. Nothing was like it. And it spawned an entire era of "glossy" design over the world.
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