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What I love about Apple and what is earning them this type of power is the simple fact they exist to make the best computing devices in the world. While everyone else is focused on tapping a market or figuring a clever way to drain money from customers or how to cast doubt on their competitors or to copy them etc. Apple simply keeps doing what it loves to do: make the best conouting products out there. Bravo.
About time they give it a black bezel and fill all that empty space with actual SCREEN! May actually consider one now.
Entire article could be shortened like so: PA semi acquisition.
Well said.When jobs said that, he had recently introduced a revolutionary multitouch ui.Kicking the stylus trend.And he was right about "doing it wrong" if you REQUIRED a stylus for interaction.But there are some cases where an OPTIONAL stylus would be great such as notes, sketches, Adobe apps, etc.I do a lot of digital design and I'd love to be able to do that with my iPad out of the box.If Apple bundled an APPLE MADE stylus with he iPad, I'd upgrade from my gen 4 in a...
Oh look... It's the screen assembly base for the new Mbp 18" retina...
And that's all it needs to say.
GT Coporate Memo: "Hey guys, as you know, we are filing for bankruptcy protection. And you know what that means... FREE MONEY!!!!" When you owe, you pay. Period. No wonder these shammers went down the toilet.
Sound like a DaVinci issue. Don't hear this happening with Final Cut or Premiere.
Sadly, this trend seems to be increasing.Hopefully someone with some pull sees how this seemingly innocuous stuff impacts their own children and fights for change.
Apple never did anything wrong. They simply used a different LEGAL model than Amazon. That's it. And Bronwich should repay every cent he took from Apple with his ridiculous fees. THAT kind of judge ordered extortion should be illegal. I still maintain Cote needs to be investigated and severely reprimanded.
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