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AAPL should be twice what it is now. Sheesh.
The Apple watch is more successful than Xbox one, Wii u, and ps4 combined per quarter and its "tepid?" Lol Not to mention dominating its own device category. Not bad for a device that isn't a fundamental aspect of daily life like a phone.
Sergey was. His wife stayed with him for two and a half years before divorcing.So adultery was involved. That's what.
Let's all be honest here. APPLE INVENTED THE CURRENT SMARTPHONE regardless of brand. There was nothing even remotely close to the iPhone when it came out. It changed everything. Everyone and their momma copied to various extent and we now have a lot of similarity. That's how we got here. Apple showed what a smartphone should and could be. And everyone copied. Boom. Done.
The guy used to work for Google until his gf dumped him to commit adultery with one of the founders. So his ex Google affiliation explains his lack of morals and "copy the iPhone but don't give credit" philosophy.
Oh right... Because Iran has zero ties with other Islamic terrorist nations and groups...So enlightening.
Hopefully Apple stays away from Iran. The nuclear deal is a mistake. And Iran is one of the worst nations to be allowed to have such power. They've already declared Israel is a target to be removed from the map years ago and link the U.S. to Israel in their thinking. Apple don't do it.
Overcomplicating everything. Not eat apple-like
So he should call it the hospital.Always thought he was "doctor" in terms of doctoring other people's music to sound better.He doesn't call himself pharmacist dre. Even with a degree as a "doctor" of pharmacy, he'd be referred to as a pharmacist.But we both know that not the pharmacy being referred to.Surprised Apple is going with it.
The pharmacy? Seriously? Wow.
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