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"One more thing..." Is associated with Apple. They should go ahead and trademark it. But phrases shouldn't be trademarkable. Anyone trying to steal apples constant intro line and lock it down should be put in jail just for being that stupid.
Where Apple Music will make the most sense and pay the most dividends... The CAR.
You miss my point entirely.I'm not talking an uber system.Just more than ps4. And by now the ps4 parts are cheap. Apple gets to amortize costs across the line with Intel Nd whoever the gfx partner is. The device can still be cheap. But with Apples volume, ecosystem, fan base, AND THE potentoal OF LURING GAMERS INTO THE EHOLE ECOSYSTEM, it would quite surely be a win that not only gathers new users up front, but then turns those users into Apple ecosystem community members.
An Apple TV more power than ps4 along with cable pass through would basically eliminate the need for anyone to have anything else.
So let me understand this. Apple does its due diligence by finding a way to LEGALLY spend less in taxes and they are supposed to be "ashamed?" That's called being smart. And good stewardship over its resources. LOL Australia. That's laughing AT the government. Not WITH them. Apple does nothing wrong. Therefore, it needs not be ashamed but rather should be proud for its diligence in managing its money so effectively. And within legal bounds mind you. If Australia wants...
iHome needs an app icon designer ASAP
I think he's saying that they threw them at the wall... LolBut more of a matter of multiple guesses as to what Apple might do. And try to be "first"It's their way.Funny how NONE of them were even close.Then Apple releases the real deal.Now this.
And the Mac OS dock has long before that.But Samsung didn't incorporate them into a WATCH until well after Apple did.
Oh come on! Another shameless rip! Not the round form factor, but the icon setup all the way down to colors. This isn't "inevitable" any more than theformerandroidguywhosebossstolehisgirl bates trying to make it sound like the iPhone rips are something the "industry" would do anyway (despite being nowhere near at the time iPhone showed everyone how it's done). The watch had been done. It sucked. Apple changed the game and did it right. Now they get copied by their...
Lol iPhones don't need growth drivers. They just need to get incrementally better at what they do. And force touch is s pretty neat thing. So it IS a growth driver. People will upgrade according to true upgrade cycle. My gf is one of them. The 5s is just about done. 6 s is going to feel like a whole new world
New Posts  All Forums: