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No thanks. Don't need the government and Google watching me or my home.
The surface will never be "a thing" because it excels at nothing. It is neither a truly great laptop, nor an elite tablet. It's typical Microsoft "jack of all trades, master of none." Ms is a software company at heart. When they buckle down, they come up with good stuff. But too often, they are more greed oriented then quality oriented. And it overflows into the end product. Apples key to success is that they control the whole enchilada. From hardware to software to...
Elop killed Nokia and would have killed Xbox too. He was ballmer 2.0.
Lol. It was only a matter of time.
I really REALLY don't like Apples sales model and tactics with the watch. Just seems overcomplicated and un-Apple.
And yet tidal and spotify, etc. are overlooked completely. Meanwhile, the one who actually revolutionized digital music sales is being targeted for nothing. Sometimes these people just need a good smack upside the head to bring them back to earth.
Looks like... Skylake Macs in 3 months?
256k is radio quality. It's all good.
It is definitely more masculine. Not TOO much, but it's noticeable.AS I am seeing the implementation on iOS 9 and OS X EC, it looks much more palatable, but I can't help that it feels like a bit of a backward step. It's not really more modern looking. In fact, it appears to come from a less high tech era.As a designer, you know that tastes vary and you also know that as art styles mature and tastes converge, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself. while...
Interesting. Looks like they are using a combination of Helvetia blue and San Fran. Helvetica for headings and San Fran for body copy
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