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More like that was the time when there was this big nothing to do about "omg! Reflections! Pros need matte!"...which then proceeded to be offered and sell so poorly that Apple couldn't justify continuing in that direction.The time machine comment is the quote of the day.
just got this bad boy. It's dang good.
They like the free or cheap part. That's about it.Probably didn't pay too much attention to the privacy nightmare that these cheap or free items foist upon the kids though.
And yet that doesn't translate to a profit approaching Apples. Confusing isn't it?
Like Microsoft, Goofle is now going to try to copy Apple with the OSX/iOS thing as well as desktop, tablet, phone, notebook, home spy doodads, and convergence devices. And they'll suck.
Lol. This article is so stupid. Apples secrecy only hurts the competition. It allowed them to dramatically leap ahead in the mobile cpu market, allowed the 5k iMac screen to dramatically leap ahead in computer displays, and only helps. Secrecy ensures security and makes sure people aren't getting itchy waiting for a product that ends up delayed. It allows them to ship when the product is 100%. It doesn't affect who they hire other than to give that new team member the...
There's a reason iPads are down. They're made so well that no one needs to Upgrade for 4 or 5 years. Unlike the phone that goes 1-2 years max. The iPad still doubles sales of the Mac regardless and will likely show cyclical up and down sales due to its unique nature.
Wow. That's not a very good move by Apple. A bit Microsoftan.
Looking at your username, you don't really have much credibility where film is considered.But even just looking at your mention of the guy getting nominated however many times... The author is still correct. He DID PLAY the android from Prometheus. Alrighty then...
Glad to say I did not contribute to this steaming pile.
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