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A tablet. That is no good as a tablet. Rather get an iPad. A laptop that's no good as a laptop. Rather get a MacBook Actually tried the surface pro 2 for 2 weeks to open my mind to another approach. Was an exercise in frustration. Let's get this out of the way the surface is not a workhorse. And ms needs to rethink that pronto.
Lol. Jay z justifying charging more. Go away jay. Producers and consumers alike both realize you must have a happy medium. I'm not supporting an artist who doesn't want to support me. Apple saved the music industry with the .99/song model vs. straight theft. But then you have jay z who wants to say "thanks" his own way.
lol @ jay z. Dude is even a boxing promoter now.
Giving a full blown laptop only one port, but giving a tablet multiple ports?... Seems like flawed thinking to me. And artificially limiting the the lower end notebook line to increase value of the tablet line seems like a Microdoft thing to do. Something very off about this. Plus that case looks thick. Doubt this is any new iPad.
And here I thought Apple was about great computing products. But now someone of a fairly recent rise in capitalistic power wants to force his beliefs down the throats of Americans and urges the f feral government to break from one of the few things that keeps them in check by overriding a state matter? No tim. I respect your business acumen. And you seem to be a nice guy. But this is wrong. You are a gay man. I get it. But seriously, you have It backwards. Please stay...
Itsnot about discriminating against "poor hungry people at a restaurant." It's about protecting the right to morality for say... A church board who is protected from HAVING to hire a "pastor" who practices something completely against the tenets he is supposed to proclaim and uphold.And that's a mistske concerning what the Bible teaches about people. It's actually; Everyone is a sinner until born again through faith in Jesus Christ. Then the Bible says you are a new...
Oh man. I have to admit that one was pretty good. Lol
Reznor ando Lovine working hard. So what's Andre Young doing?
B&O is the Apple of the audio world. Wish Apple bought them in bateau of Beats. But no doubt Beats adds to Apple the diverse fan base compared to more of the same with B&O. As for me personally, I simply have no use for Beats anything.
What would be really cool is for Apple to design the next watch so that the wrist band can safely have multiple batteries inside of IT and contacts added where the band connects to the watch. Long battery life integrated. and no one would ever see the add on.
New Posts  All Forums: