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Sadly, this trend seems to be increasing.Hopefully someone with some pull sees how this seemingly innocuous stuff impacts their own children and fights for change.
Apple never did anything wrong. They simply used a different LEGAL model than Amazon. That's it. And Bronwich should repay every cent he took from Apple with his ridiculous fees. THAT kind of judge ordered extortion should be illegal. I still maintain Cote needs to be investigated and severely reprimanded.
Or...you know... I'll discuss it on a discussion forum...And to the point, I birge Seinfeld actually HAS made his money as a comedian. Whether as a tv comic, a commercial comic, etc. he was doing his comedy routine.With Young, he wasn't making music. He was doing marketing, crunching numbers, and making appearances. Neither of which are "musician" issues. At this stage, he made no more money as a "musician" than lovine did.
Exactly.I don't know about the truth of that.But "dr. Dre" stopped being known as a musician a while back. If album sales were his bread and butter, he'd be a lot leaner today.Beats has helped him stay relevant and has brought about a decently designed set of headphones and subscription music service.And that's what Apple bought.Not heaps of dre songs. Lol
You may not have an issue with a lot of things. Doesn't mean the issue isn't valid.Point was Dre's Money wasn't made as a musician. End of story.Is he a musician too? Sure.But when you make money in one capacity, it's usyslly listed as such.Even Dre's "first billionaire in hip/hop" was more accurate since that is his genre, whether earning as a musician, or on the administrative side.
Not sure what "Dre's" title was at Beats. But I doubt it's "musician." And Apple didn't pay for his music. They paid for a company machine. Kind of an unfair accolade compared to others making their money as musicians. Sure he made some money as a producer. But that's not What Apple bought. And "Beats technology" is basically one mans preferred EQ setting. Hopefully the curation lives up to Cook's expectations and the subscription model is sound
Facts don't matter to some people.The iPhone was years in the making and somehow...android follows in one year...(we all know the boardroom extortion there). And the Apple watch was the worst kept secret for a few years. Zero noise came from the Samsung, Google, or MS camps until The Apple rumors got hot and heavy. Then it was just a rush to be "first" not best. And CarPlay was Apple first as well. Apole sometimes borrows ideas as well. But credit where it's due. And Apple...
Jesse jacksons Trojan horse meeting with cook. Such a small nonsensical demonstration that has little to no merit. I guess Jackson was hoping to record himself on TV again with his vcr... Now if the man would put that effort into actually helping people...
Regardless of their enjoyment of such reprimand, it was sorely needed and embarassing my obvious that they were simply aiming for a one-two punch of degrading Apple and propping up android while gaining clicks for themselves. The fact that the article title was blatantly and admittedly false simply shows there IS NO JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY in the authors' repertoire.Great job DED. Thorough and factual as always. Glad someone with the ability is willing to take a stand for...
Soooo... No plaintiff exists. Therefore, the lawyers must manufacture one? Okayyy. Didn't know that was legal. Some dirty lawyers grubbing for money from a successful company. Nothing else to see here. The lawyers may as well enter their firm as the plaintiff.
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