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So where is the serious China issue? Oh...you mean a contractors own issue... The same assembler that many other tech companies use... Oh ok. So in other words, Apple didn't run into trouble at all.
Lol. Jobs liked anything that was beautiful, smart and helpful. Japanese culture definitely represents this. So does Swedish culture. Basically Jobs (in no small way aided and perhaps guided by Jony Ive) took "form follows function" to its logical conclusion and did so consistently. Starting with the Apple 2, which seems to be the spiritual forerunner to the original Mac, which perfected the idea. Much later came the iPod, which was a total example of this. Then the...
Failing to see how tax laws that are changed should mean a company owes money from the past. That's stealing.
The stupidest article ever on Ai. Not only is it pure fallacy, But even if we get to an os that someday handles everything for you perfectly, you still need to close an app that's functioning funny. And hate to break it to you, but leaving apps in the background DOES affect performance and battery life. In fact, the "geniuses" at the Apple Store recommend you switch off unused apps.
Um... Ok... So basically this table distracts you from the item Apple wants to sell you. Is it nifty? Yes. Does it belong in an Apple Store? Heck no! One of the things that separates Apple is that they stay away from gimmicks and let their superior products speak for themselves. This is just joining the also-rans in gimmickry practice. Focus, Apple. Don't let Angela turn you into Microsoft with things that supposedly add to the "sales experience," but in reality...
They really know no shame. Doing a disservice to their company, customers, and partners.
It's the exact same speed.The OWC RAM is 1867 also. From the horses mouth:http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/1867DDR3S64S/Hope that helps.
Just pulled the trigger on the new iMac 5k today, maxed from Apple except for RAM.... Because I read about the 64 GB COMPAT AND ORDERED from OWC! I've waited 5 stinking years to upgrade and this has definitely got me excited.
A laptop that magically transforms into a mediocre tablet with less power and a wonky connection mechanism?No thanks.This isn't actually new. It's just ballmers original Surgace Pro pitch. But now with a more sturdy keyboard that can also help out the performance a bit.It's not catching up. It's running forward with a compromised design.Apple is good at laser focus, making the best device for its purpose. They've mastered that.Microsoft is great at making "good enough"...
This. The surface is OK. THE Surface Book is OK.THE LAUGHABLE THING IS ANY IDEA THAT IT COMPETES WITH THE MBP. You may get away with comparing the base 13 inches now, but not when the MBP also updates to Skylake.It doesn't compete. But it is most assuredly a decent device.However... All this talk of innovation is a joke.It's a keyboard accessory for a Surface. That's it. And the connector is pulled straight out of the 90's, complete with unwieldy metal prongs, etc. not...
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