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Apples been doing this "every year?" I've never heard of it before. When did they start? Not really happy about "gay rights" turning into a boy allowed to all of a sudden call himself a girl and creep out my nieces in the girls bathroom in elementary school... Something SERIOUSLY wrong about that.
Disappointing. Cook taking his personal morality and forcing it to the front. With this and censoring American history, things are getting a bit ridiculous.
Post of the day.
So a Apple has a problem with HISTORY NOW? What?
Come on Tim. Apple didn't design great things by factoring in others tastes. They did it be having GOOD taste. China isn't known for that. And the reason the Chinese as well as everyone else likes Apple design is that they were shown what good design actually is! Don't factor in anything. Just make great designs. And please.... Don't ever put chrome on my phone tablet or phone. It's ok on the watch. But that's it.
Apple needs to get rid of con artist lovine and hire Taylor swift. Pronto.
It's called being responsible.And that's HOW the money ended up in the savings account.I suppose Apple sea this as a strategic loss to gain a bigger win down the line.
Great... So Apple pays money for s free trial in which it makes none while the artists do nothing but reap the rewards. Sounds fair... Apple already gave the artists s bigger cut than competing services to help compensate for the longer trial. Surprised they caved to such foolishness. Everyone thinks that because Apple has been diligent to save money that they must therefore need to spend it.
Dang. If only.
Very insightful
New Posts  All Forums: