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 The word "sin" means to miss the mark. In the bible that "mark" is God's standard of holiness. No one ever could meet that. That's why the cross. Beyond that, homosexuals are welcome to come to the cross as well. Jesus didn't come to save the perfect. He came to save the lost. The word "sin" doesn't have to be mentioned anymore than "manslaughter," "murder," Hhomicide," or "unlawful," "illegal," etc. have to be used. anything that is against God's word wether in...
What you said is true. But it's not the money nor the paper in my Bible that matters. It's the message that is communicated on those pages. And Jesus said "render unto Ceasar what is due him." So we have our countries leadership images on the coins and paper money we use. We pay our taxes. We are fiscally responsible. It's the right thing to do. As far as removing God's name from money, why would we do that? To pretend this nation wasn't founded on biblical principles by...
That's actually what the Bible says is going to happen. And every day you see the evidence. Like opposition to a bill that simply provides protections for religious freedoms. Everyone is OK with the idea of religious freedom until the "religious people" actually want to make good on those freedoms. Talk about hypocrisy.
I do think that religious freedoms need to be vigorously defended. I don't oppose the bill, because it simply offers protections. Homosexuality is a sin. If run a ministry, I should not be forced to hire people to serve there just to appease some false "non-discriminatory" jive, when the hire goes against the Bible.  "Rights" are getting to be funny things these days. Everyone is in support of "rights" when the base part of humanity is spoken for. But when it comes to...
 Like the same word being "made" as in you made me mad. Or I "made" lemonade. It's not only the word used in ANY language. It's also the context in which it's used.
 There were Old Testament laws that specifically applied to Jews for various reasons, proselytes for other, and even the sacrifical system was done away with once the "lamb of God" made the ultimate sacrifice. This was to do with sin. that's the "why" of the cross. The Bible is called the Word of God. In John 1, it makes clear that Jesus is the Word. After Jesus was crucified and resurrected, the Bible states this: "     For this reason God gave them up...
If you think cnet is bad, try reading zdnet for more than 5 minutes. The obviously influenced bias is overwhelming.
There simply isn't room for that with the decent specs in the watch. As far as the phone... Mirrors.
Meh. They don't need to. Apple started the 3D maps and with their aquisition a year or so ago of interior mapping company, they have already even there. Glad they aren't "pulling a forstall" and rushing things.
Not true.By the same logic, phone camera optics can also be enclosed in the length of the phone, which has far greater real estate.
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