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The plus is a largo phone. It's simple physics. And the dude in the video, really cranked, using all his might. If he did that with a competitor of similar size, you may see a plastic crack. I still think the symmetrical glass back of the 4 and 4s was the best phone design ever. From a looks AND durability standpoint. I keep all my iPhone's. Had every major model with exception of the 3G. And the 4 still shows zero signs of wear and tear. Hopefully they return to the...
Oh no! How will Samsung make good smart device products now? Guess they'll have to churn out more Gear and Edge "innovations" lol Can you say downhill in a hurry." They make great tvs. And their washer/dryer units are ok. But when they don't blatantly copy Apple in the smart device realm, they just plain suck.
LolA rumor is just that. Patents don't always come to fruition. But smart to patent a good concept so others don't ruin a good thing.But that rumor and associated patent makes sense. Samsungs Frankenstein does not.A wraparound with selected touch areas similar to where current buttons are. That's could be a step forward. What we have seen today clearly is not.And no way apple makes a mess like Samsung.Can't wait to hear the accidental screen selection horror stories.This...
Lol. Prof that the old adage is true: "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should." Steve Jobs used to talk much on how Apple products are so great not just because of what they have built it to do, but also what they have said "no" to in terms of design and feature creep. This looks like a products that has no idea why it exists.
ahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!     wow...     don't know whether to laugh or to cry for them...     nah, I'll just laugh.     both companies diluting brand and confusing customers... again.
So... You're an AI user... And so is droiFTL... I guess that means you're "never wrong" as well?
At first I thought the ad would be clever. But the I read it. Honestly, if it hadn't been explained here, I'd never know what they were getting at. Add to that Samsung users will also use the outlets (though less in number due to install base and use age. No one uses smart devices as much as apple customers) and it probably just sounds like a general joke to people needing to plug in any device that needs power.
LOL... When Jesse Jackson is for you... you know you're doing it wrong.
  Actually, it looks quite the improvement over the 5s. I was shocked to see how mishmash the rear of the iPhone 5 looked after the perfect front/rear symmetry of the iPhone 4.  Was a backward step IMHO. But this is a step forward from the 5 at least.
 Actually, "diversity for diversity's sake is very damaging. Just not to the people who get a nearly "free ride." As a while male, born in the United States, I have been shocked as I entered the college and workforce years to discover that the entire system was against me. Going to university cost a lot. I had to work to support myself and school and am still paying off loans.  Meanwhile, I noticed the black, hispanic, and especially middle eastern folks were getting...
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